Rwanda Royal Family || Royal Family of Rwanda

The Rwanda royal family is the reigning royal house of the kingdom of Rwanda that existed from 15th century until its abolition in 1961. The royal kings are from the Abanyinginya dynasty snd the last ruling house is Abahindiro. The royal family exists today with various descendants living in Rwanda, East africa and Europe. The map below shows the Kingdom of Rwanda as per 1961, however the boundary could have been more expansive precolonial

Royal Court of Arms of Kingdom of Rwanda

Ingoma y’u rwanda – The Kingdom of Rwanda

Imbaga yi nya bu Tatu igya mbere – The unity of the three tribes will strive moving foward

Crown – worn by King

Royal drum – symbol of power

The three stars – represent the three tribes Tutsi, Hutu and Twa

Lion and crane – symbolic animals of the kingdom

Kings of Rwanda

The Kings of Rwanda were locally known as Mwami. The Mwami ruled with his mother who was the most inflential woman in the Kingdom.

  • Gihanga I
  • Kanyarwanda I Gahima I
  • Rumeza I
  • Yuhi I Musindi
  • Rumeza II[1]
  • Nyarume[1]
  • Rubanda (Lugalbanda)[1]
  • Ndahiro I Bamara (Wamala)
  • Ndahiro II Ruyange
  • Ndahiro III Ndoba
  • Ndahiro IV Samembe
  • Nsoro I Samukondo
  • Nsoro II Byinshi
  • Ruganzu I Bwimba
  • Cyilima I Rugwe
  • Mwami Kigeli I Mukobanya – 1300s
  • Mwami Mibambwe I Sekarongoro I Mutabazi
  • Mwami Yuhi II Gahima II
  • Mwami Ndahiro II Cyamatare
  • Mwami Ruganzu II Ndoli
  • Mwami Mutara I Semugeshi
  • Mwami Kigeli (Kigeri) II Nyamuheshera
  • Mwami Mibambwe II Gisanura
  • Mwami Yuhi III Mazimpaka
  • Mwami Karemera Rwaka
  • Mwami Cyilima II Rujugira
  • Mwami Kigeli (Kigeri) III Ndabarasa
  • Mwami Mibambwe III Sentabyo            
  • Mwami Yuhi IV Gahindiro
  • Mwami Mutara II Rwogera               
  • Mwami Kigeli (Kigeri) IV Rwabugiri – 1853 to 1895           
  • Mwami Mibambwe IV Rutarindwa – 1895 to 1896        
  • Mwami Yuhi V Musinga  – 1896 to 1931
  • Mwami Ndungutse (in rebellion) – 1911 to 1912        
  • Mwami Mutara III Rudahigwa – 12 Nov 1931 to 25 Jul 1959 
  • Mwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa – 25 Jul 1959 to 28 Jan 1961, (from 25 Jul 1960 in exile) died 2016                       

Royal Titles

King – Mwami/Umwami

Queen – Mwamikazi (title never exsted before and was only used by Queen Rosalie Gicanda)

Queen mother – Umugabekazi

Prince – Igikomangoma

Princess – Igikomangomakazi

(Special Acknowledgement to Prince Mutijima of Rwanda)

Mwami (King) Mutara III Rudahigwa of Rwanda
Mwamikazi (Queen) Rosalie Gicanda
Umugabekazi (Queen mother) Kankazi

photographed in 1930-1940s

Chiefs of Rwanda

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