BamaNgwato Khama Royal Family, Botswana

The BamaNgwato royal family or commonly known as the Khama dynasty is the royal house of the traditional monarchs (Kgoskgolo) of the BamaNgwato people of Botswana. Bamangwato are one of the eight major tribes each with a Kgosikgolo /king (now called paramount chief) who sit in the national house of chiefs that advises the government on Cultural and traditional affairs. This royal house whose capital is Serowe produced Bostwana’s first president Seretse Khama who was at the time King of this tribe, his son Ian Khama who is also a former president and current monarch, Tshekedi Khama– Regent uncle and Queen mother Semane Molotlegi of Bafokeng, South Africa. The marriage of Seretse Khama and British lady Ruth Williams caused controversy at the time when interracial marriages were unheard of. It inspired the movie A United Kingdom. Ruth Williams Khama would become the first white first lady of an African Country and the first white Queen (Kgosikgadi) of an African Kingdom.

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