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Lesotho royal family is the current reigning family for the kingdom of Lesotho formerly called Basutoland. They are members of the Moshoeshoe dynasty names after the first king who consolidated clans into what today is called Lesotho (Land of BaSotho). The Moshoeshoe dynasty is huge with several members and descendants.

Photos: Royal Lesotho Archives

Former Monarchs of Lesotho (held title of Morena e Moholo or Motlotlehi)

  • Moshoeshoe I: 1822 – 18 January 1870
  • Letsie I: 18 January 1870 – 20 November 1891
  • Lerotholi Letsie: 20 November 1891 – 19 August 1905
  • Letsie II: 21 August 1905 – 28 January 1913
  • Nathaniel Griffith Lerotholi: 11 April 1913 – 23 June 1939
  • Simon Seeiso Griffith: 3 August 1939 – 26 December 1940
  • Moshoeshoe II: 12 March 1960 – 1990/1996


King Moshoeshoe II

King Moshoeshoe II was born Prince Constantine Bereng Seeiso by late King/ Paramount chief Simon Seeiso Griffith and one of his wives. he ruled under the regency of his step mother Paramount chieftainess Mantsebo until 1960 when he took cover. He became King of modern Lesotho in 1966 taking the name Moshoeshoe II after the first king Moshoeshoe I. He passed away in 1996 leaving his wife and two sons.

Photos: Royal Lesotho Archives

Queen mother ‘MaMohato Bereng Seeiso

Queen mother ‘Mamohato Bereng Seeiso was born as Tabitha ‘Masentle Mojela, daughter of the chief of Tsakholo. She married Future King Moshoeshoe II IN 1962 with three children. She was the founder of Hlokomela Bana (Take care of children) in Lesotho. Queen ‘Mamohato would serve thrice as regent and as Queen mother on ascension of his eldest son King Letsie III. She passed away in 2003.

Photos: Royal Lesotho Archives

King (Motlotlehi) Letsie III

King (Motlotlehi) Letsie III born David Mohato Bereng Seeiso is the King and Head of state of Lesotho. He is the eldest son of late King Moshoehoe II and late Queen ‘Mamohato. He was officially crowned in 1997 to succeeed his late father. He had served previously as king between 1990-1995 when his father had been sent to exile. In 2000, he married Anna Karabo Motšoeneng now Queen Masenate with three children.

Photos: Royal Lesotho Archives

Queen (Mofumahali Motlotlehi) ‘MaSenate Mohato Seeiso

Queen (Mofumahali Motlotlehi) is the Queen consort and only wife of King Letsie III. She works for advancement of various charities for Lesotho people like Hlokomela Bana, SOS children, Red cross etc. She accompanies the King to various state functions locally and abroad.

Photos: Royal Lesotho Archives

Royal children
photo : Royal Archives Lesotho

Princess (Khosatsana) Senate Mary Mohato Seeiso

Princess Senate is the eldest child of King Letsie III and Queen ‘Masenate ,born on 7th October 2001. On reaching 18 she was tasked as a champion of ending child marriages in Africa Campaign. She is also the patron of Coalition on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF Lesotho and chairs the children and youth parliament.

Photos: Princess Senate Seeiso

Princess (Khosatsana) ‘Maseeiso Mohato Seeiso

Princess Maseeiso is the second child of King Letsie III and Queen Masenate.

Photos: Royal Lesotho Archives

Crown Prince (Khosana) Lerotholi Mohato Seeiso

Prince Lerotholi is the only son and heir to the only male succession throne of Lesotho. Youngest child of King Letsie III and Queen Masenate .

Photos: Prince Lerotholi Seeiso

Prince (Khosana) Seeiso Bereng Seeiso and family

Prince seeiso bereng seeiso is the younger and only brother to king Letsie III of Lesotho. he has previously served as Ambnassador to United Kingdom and Senate president. He is the Royal Principal chief of Matsieng taking after his elder uncle Prince Masupha. Prince Seeiso is the cofounder of SEntebale with Prince Harry of UK. He, accompanied by his wife Princess ‘Mabereng Seeiso have represented the King to UK royal weddings of Prince William and Prince Harry. Together they have three children.

  • Prince Bereng Constantine Seeiso
  • Princess ‘Masentle Tabitha Seeiso
  • Prince Masupha David Seeiso

Photos: Royal Lesotho Archives

Late Princess (Khosatsana) Maseeiso Christina

Princess Christina Maseeiso was the only daughter of king Moshoeshoe II and Queen Mamohato. She passed away in 1994 after a brief illness.

Photo ; Queen Sekhothali Seeiso Mabhena

Prince (Khosana) Masupha David Seeiso and family

Prince Masupha David Seeiso is an uncle to King Letsie III . He was the younger brother to late King Moshoeshoe II and a son to late King/Paramount Chief Simon Seeiso Griffith. He was married to late Princess ‘Mabereng Masupha with three children. Prince Masupha served as the elder royal Principal chief of Matsieng which is now occupied by his nephew. He has represented lesotho to King Zwelonke of Xhosa royal funeral

  • Princess Sekhothali Seeiso (Now Queen Sekhothali Mabhena of Ndebele, South Africa)
  • Princess Khopotso Seeiso
  • Prince Constantine Bereng Masupha Seeiso

Photos: Queen Sekhothali Seeiso Mabhena

Prince (Khosana) Mathealira Seeiso and family

Prince Mathealira Seeiso is an uncle to the King Letsie III. He is a yonger brother to late King Moshoeshoe II and son to late King/Paramount Chief Simon Seeiso Griffith. He was the royal Principal chief of Mokhotlong. He is married to MaLerotholi with children.

Photos: Royal Lesotho Archives

Other royal members or Descendants

The Moshoeshoe royal dynasty has other several chiefs, cousins, members and descendants from the male and female lines. The Principal chiefs and chiefs are also descended from King Moshoeshoe I.

Chiefs of Lesotho

The royal chiefs of Lesotho are an important aspect to the Lesotho monarchy. 22 hereditary Principal chiefs sit in the upper house or senate which has 33 members. Their main role is to amend legislation & bills from the national assembly and succession customary

They include

  • Principal Chief of Matsieng
  • Principal Chief of Phamong
  • Principal Chief of Thaba Bosiu
  • Principal Chief of Leribe
  • Principal Chief of Matelile
  • Principal Chief of Malingoaneng
  • Principal Chief of Qacha’snek
  • Principal Chief of Makhoakhoeng
  • Principal Chief of Ha Majara
  • Principal Chief of Botha-Bothe
  • Principal Chief of Tebang
  • Principal Chief of Kueneng
  • Principal Chief of Ha-Ramabanta
  • Principal Chief of Tsikoane
  • Principal Chief of Tajane
  • Principal Chief of Taung
  • Principal Chief of Likhoele
  • Principal Chief of Ha Maama
  • Principal Chief of Rothe
  • Principal Chief of Ha ‘Mamathe
  • Principal Chief of Quthing
  • Principal Chief of Mokhotlong

Source : Senate of Lesotho

Lesotho Royal weddings

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Royal wedding of King Letsie III

Royal wedding of Prince Masupha Seeiso
Photo : Prince Bereng Masupha
Royal wedding of King Moshoeshoe II
Royal wedding of Prince Mathealira Seeiso
Photo : Royal Archives Lesotho


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  • Matsieng Royal Palace/village
  • Maseru Royal Palace
Matsieng royal palace grounds

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