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The Rharhabe kingdom is a royal traditional monarchy located in South Africa which has existed since the 18th century. It is mainly inhabited by the Rharhabe tribe (amaRharhabe) who are a branch of the larger xhosa group. The Rharhabe royal house is the right royal house while the gcaleka royal house is the great royal house that rules the xhosa kingdom of South Africa. This traditional monarchy was officially recognised in 2021 by president Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa.

According to history, King Phalo married two royal brides , amampondomise and abathembu pincesses who both arrived the same day. This resulted in a crisis on who would be senior to the other. This was solved by having one wife as Great royal wife and the other as Right hand royal house. Gcaleka KaPhalo faced tried to usurp his father’s rule and interclan war broke out resulting in the Xhosa nation to split into two major sub-groups

This kingdom is today divided into two according to the two sons of the two royal houses :

  • Gcaleka – Great royal house. Named after Gcaleka, Great royal Son and heir of King Phalo and amaMpondomise princess. Today Lineage rules Xhosa Kingdom
  • Rharhabe – right hand house. Named after Rharhabe, right hand house son of King Phalo . Today lineage rules Rharhabe Kingdom

Royal Titles

  • King – iKumkani
  • Queen – iKumkanikazi
  • Queen Mother – iNdlunkulu (Great royal wife/house), sometimes Indlovukazi
  • Prince – iNkosana
  • Princess – iNkosazana
  • Chief – iNkosi

Kings of United Xhosa

  • King Xhosa kaMnguni ( Nguni nation would come to be known as AmaXhosa )
  • King Malangana KaXhosa,
  • King Ngcwangube KaMalangana,
  • King Nkosiyane KaNgcwangube,
  • King Nkosiyamntu KaNkosiyane,
  • King Tshawe KaNkosiyamntu (Xhosa royal clan is named after him),
  • King Ngcwangu KaTshawe,
  • King Sikhomo KaNgcwangu,
  • King Togu KaSikhomo,
  • King Ngconde KaTogu,
  • King Tshiwo KaNgconde,
  • King Phalo KaTshiwo – 1736 to 1775
  • King Gcaleka KaPhalo & Rharhabe KaPhalo.

Rharhabe Kings

  • King Rharhabe KaPhalo,
  • King Mlawu KaRharhabe,
  • King Ndlambe kaRharhabe,
  • King Ngqika KaMlawu,
  • King Maqoma KaNgqika(Also commander of the Xhosa Army, – Aa! Jongumsobomvu!),
  • King Sandile KaNgqika,
  • King Gonya KaSandile,
  • King Faku KaGonya (Not to be confused with the Amampondo King),
  • King Velile KaFaku,
  • King Mxolisi KaVelile,
  • King Maxhob’ayakhawuleza KaMxolisi,
  • King Jonguxolo KaMaxhob’ayakhawuleza (Aa!Vululwandle!) 

King Jonguxolo kaSandile aah Vululwandle

King Jonguxolo kaSandile is the only son of late King Maxhoba Sandile and his Zulu royal wife Queen Noloyiso Sandile Zulu. He is 29 years old and was named heir after the passing of his mother Queen regent Noloyiso Sandile who has served as regent since 2011 when his father died. He is the current reigning monarch of Rharhabe kingdom which is part of the larger Xhosa people. Under him are 42 chiefs and 300 head men.

King Maxhobayakhawuleza Sandile

King Maxhobayakhawuleza Sandile or shortly as Maxhoba was the king of Rharhabe kingdom, South Africa from his ascension to his death in 2011. He married Princess Nomusa Zulu who became Queen Noloyiso Sandile of Rharhabe. He was the father to King Jonguxolo kaSandile and princess Nomatshawe Sandile

Queen regent Noloyiso Sandile

Queen Noloyiso Sandile was born Princess Nomusa Zulu as the daughter of late King Cyprian Bhekuzulu of Zulu kingdom, South Africa, she was therefore sister to current King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu. She was the wife and consort of late HM King Maxhobayakhawuleza Sandile (died in 2011) whom she married in 1988. Queen Noloyiso then became regent for her young son until he became of age. Her daughter is Princess Nomatshawe Sandile. She passed on in 2020

Princess NomaRharahbe Sandile

HRH Princess NomaRharahbe Sandile of Rharhabe kingdom, South Africa, Only Daughter of late TM King Maxhobayakhawuleza Sandile and Queen Regent Noloyiso Sandile of Rharhabe kingdom, South Africa. She is only Sister and sibling to current HM King Jonguxolo kaSandile of Rharhabe Kingdom, AmaRharhabe people of South Africa

Below are some pictures of the royal family

HM Queen regent Noloyiso Sandile of Rharhabe © government Z@, GCIS
Queen regent Noloyiso Sandile
Queen Noloyiso Sandile, her son Jonguxolo kaSandile (left) and late King Zwelonke Sigcawu of the Xhosa
HM King Jonguxolo kaSandile of Rharhabe
HM King Jonguxolo kaSandile of Rharhabe
HM King Jonguxolo kaSandile of Rharhabe
Queen Noloyiso Sandile, King Maxhoba Sandile, King and Queen of Xhosa
Queen Noloyiso Sandile of Rharhabe kingdom, South Africa and her brother King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu of Zulu kingdom, South Africa
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