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The Hlubi people or amaHlubi are a bantu ethnic group currently inhabiting parts of South Africa. They are closely related to the nguni tribes like swazi, Xhosa, zulu etc.They are said to have originated from the Congo basin and are also closely related to the Ngunintribes of South Africa like Swati, bashubi tribe (bantu group) of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania . The South African government nhlapo commission refused to recognise their kingship on the basis that their kingdom was scattered during the colonial time. However they are still fighting for kingship recognition.

The Hlubi royal family is the reigning dynasty of the amaHlubi or Hlubi tribe of South Africa. The royal family includes the king, Queen, children and blood relatives. Their most famous King was Langalibalele I.

Ingonyama Langalibalele II Hadebe

King or chief (Ingonyama) Langalibalele II Hadebe is the reigning monarch of Hlubi people or amaHlubi of South Africa. He has been monarch since September 1976 and resides at Estcourt (Mtshezi) at Emahlutshini, KwaZuluNatal. The Hlubi royal dynasty and amaHlubi are still fighting for kingship recognition officially by South African government like many other tribes.

Queen Phumaphi Hadebe

Queen Phumaphi Dlamini Hadebe (affectionatley called Queen Mzamose) was born a princess of Eswatini formerly swaziland as the granddaughter of King Sobhuza II. Her being a great wife her royal title is iNdlovukazi ye sizwe. They married in 1976 and were blessed with four children namely: Late Prince Bhekamahlubi Hadebe, Late Prince Mandlenkosi Hadebe, Princess Zibuyile Zamahlubi Hadebe, Prince Sondezi Hadebe.

Prince Bhekamahlubi Hadebe

Late Prince Bhekamahlubi Hadebe of Hlubi, South Africa. He was the the son and heir of King or chief (Ingonyama) Langalibalele ii of Hlubi and Queen Phumaphi. He left living sons

Princess Zibuyile Zamahlubi Hadebe

Princess Zibuyile Zamahlubi Hadebe of Hlubi, South Africa. She is the only daughter of King or chief (Ingonyama) Langalibalele ii of Hlubi and Queen Phumaphi.

Prince Mandlenkosi Hadebe

Late Prince Mandlenkosi Hadebe was another son of King or chief Ingonyama Langalibalele ii and Queen Phumaphi.

Prince Sondezi Hadebe

Prince Sondezi Hadebe of Hlubi, South Africa. He is the only surviving son of HM King King or chief (Ingonyama) Langalibalele ii of Hlubi and Queen Phumaphi.

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King Langalibalele I

King or Ingonyama is King Langalibalele I of the Hlubi people or amaHlubi of South Africa who reigned from 1839-1889. He resisted the British colonial rule and this led to him being imprisoned and on house arrest under the orders of the British government then under Queen Victoria. The kingdom was destroyed by the colonial British government.

All photos courtesy of Princess Zibuyile Zamahlubi Hadebe, HlubiRSA, Isizwesamahkubi pages

Special thanks to Princess Zibuyile Zamahlubi Hadebe

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