Traditional Kings/Chiefs of Gabon

Gabon is a small country located in central Africa bordering the Atlantic ocean. Gabon is known to have a small population of just 1.8 million. However, it is rich in 45 ethnic groups headed by various monarchs. Formerly called Kings, after colonization most are now referred to as Chiefs. There were traditional monarchs like the Orungu Agonwimboni, the Mpongwe Oga, the Olamba Aguekaza, the Vili-Loango N’Gange Mvume, and the Téké Makoko

Orungu people – Chefferie de Orungu

King (Ogorungu/Agamwinboni) Mbongo Ntchounga of Orungu tribe (kingdom of Orungu) of Gabon is the current reigning traditional monarch of the Orungu people of Gabon. The Kingdom of Orungu existed from 1700 to 1927 when the French colonialists abolished it. It flourished during the slave trade due to its proximity to the Atlantic ocean coastline.

Benga people – Chefferie de Benga

King/Chief Marcel Nkombouet is the reigning monarch of Benga tribe of Gabon and equitorial Guinea. The Bengu are a bantu group living north of Libreville, mainly in Cap-Esterias and Cap Santa-Clara. In Equatorial Guinea, the Benga have settled on the island of Corisco. Some speakers also live on the continental coast, near the mouth of the Rio Muni. American Actor Samule L Jackson found his roots here after a Dna test. He also received Gabonese citizenship and has made a documentary titled Enslaved, due to the trans atlantic trade of many Africans to America

Omyene people

Omyene or Myene are a bantu ethnic group in Gabon.  King(Oga) Denis Rapontchombo of the Mpongwe in Gabon, known as King Denis in 1839 signed a treaty making Gabon a protectorate of France. According to historical records , he is referred to as the King of Mpongwe

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Olamba – Chefferie de Olamba

The current monarch of Olamba is Michel Ovenga. Historically their famous King mentioned by europeans is King Glass who reigned in 1820s-1848

Mpongwe people – Chefferie de Mpongwe at Owendo

Mpongwe are bantu ethnic group currently led by its King or Chief (Ôga Wi Mpôngwè) Rogandji y’Adiahenot

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