Sultan of Warsangeli sultanate, Somalia

Warsangeli Sultanate or kingdom was a monarchical government that was created by the Warsangeli clan in the 13th century. It is one of the few Sultanates that survived until the colonial period. The Warsangeli clan is part of the larger Darod somali clan and today exists as a traditional entity but with significant hidden influence by the sultan. Previously the monarchs used the title Garaad but the Sultan title was established by Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire in 1897. Below is the list of the sultans;

Garaad Dhidhin (1298–1311)
Garaad Hamar Gale(1311–1328)
Garaad Ibrahim (1328–1340)
Geraad Omer (1340–1355)
Garaad Mohamud (1355–1375)
Garaad Ciise (1375–1392)
Garaad Siciid (1392–1409)
Garaad Ahmed (1409–1430)
Garaad Siciid (1430–1450)
Garaad Mohamud (1450–1479)
Garaad Ciise (1479–1487)
Garaad Omar (1487-1495)
Garaad Ali Dable (1495–1503)
Garaad Liban (1503–1525)
Garaad Yuusuf (1525–1555)
Garaad Mohamud (1555–1585)
Garaad Abdale (1585–1612)
Garaad Ali (1612–1655)
Garaad Mohamud (1655–1675)
Garaad Naleye (1675–1705)
Garaad Mohamed (1705–1750)
Garaad Ali (1750–1789)
Garaad Mohamud Ali (1789–1830)
Garaad Aul (1830-1870)
Garaad Ali Shire (1870–1897)
Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire (1897–1960)
Sultan Abdul Sallan (1960–1997)
Sultan Siciid Sultan Abdisalaan (1997 – today)

Sultan Mohamoud Ali shire of Warsangeli clan or sultanate of Somalia. (1897-1960).

Sultan Mohamoud Ali shire was one of the most famous modern sultans. He was married to 4 wives. He was however exiled by the British to Seychelles from 1920 where he stayed for 7 years before being allowed back in 1928.
The sultan was honoured with the most excellent order of British empire in 1953 during Queen Elizabeth ii of UK 1953 coronation. He was officially decorated by Queen Elizabeth ii of UK during her tour of Somalia in 1954. He died in1960.

Sultan Siccid sultan Abdisalaan of Warsangeli (1997-)

Sultan Siccid sultan Abdisalaan sultan Mohamoud Ali shire of Warsangeli clan or sultanate of Somalia. He has been monarch since 1997 and is the grandson of late Sultan Mohamoud Ali shire who died in 1960.

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