Paramount Chiefs/Kings of Botswana

Botswana is a made of 8 principal or major tribes or ethnic groups that are headed by a monarch today called a paramount chief (kgosi) who were initially kings before the colonial era. These royal families are also related by blood due to the many royal intermarriages between the royal houses. They include:

  • BaMangwato
  • BaKoena / BaKwena
  • BaTlokwa
  • BaNgwaketse
  • BaRolong
  • Balete / BaMalete
  • BaTawana
  • BaKagtla

National House of Chiefs / Ntlo ya Dikgosi (Botswana ) is an advisory body to the country’s Parliament that advises the government on customary law, tribal Matters etc. Laws concerning customary under the customary courts are discussed by it before they are taken to the  main Parliament. It has a membership of 35, 8 being the paramount chiefs of the 8 major tribes, 22 elected chiefs and 5 president appointed members.

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Royal Titles

King – Kgosikgolo sometimes simply as Kgosi. now called paramount chief by Botswana Govt.

Chief – Kgosi

Queen – Kgosikgadi/Mmarona

Queen mother – Mohumagadi

Royal court/ HQ – Kgotla Kgolo

Kgosikgolo of BaMangwato

Paramount Chief/King (Kgosikgolo) Seretse Khama Ian Khama IV of baMangwato tribe of Botswana whose royal capital is at Serowe

He is the current reigning traditional monarch of the BamaNgwato ethnic group of Botswana since 1979 when he was crowned. He is the son of first president of Botswana Sir Seretse Khama whom he succeeded as tribal monarch of baMangwato and British lady Ruth Khama who served as the very first first lady of Botswana and white queen of BaMangwato. Ian Khama formerly served as president of Botswana from 2008-2018 and is termed as one of the best presidents of Botswana. He is unmarried thus his youn ger politician brother Tshekedi Khama ii is heir.

  • others before
  • Kgosikgolo Mathiba – reigned 1780 – 1795
  • Kgosikgolo Khama I – reigned 1795 – 1817
  • Kgosikgolo Kgari – reigned 1817 – 1828
  • Kgosikgolo Khama II – reigned 1833 – 1835
    • Sedimo as regent 1828 -1833
  • Kgosikgolo Sekgoma I- reigned 1835 – 1872
  • Kgosikgolo Khama III – reigned 1872 – 1922
  • Kgosikgolo Sekgoma II – reigned 1923 -1925
  • Kgosikgolo Seretse II Khama – reigned 1925 – 1979
  • Kgosikgolo Ian Khama – reigned 1979 –
    • regent Sediegeng 1979 – 2022
    • regent Serogola 2022-

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Kgosikgolo of BaTlokwa

BaTlokwa are a tswana speaking tribe established in the 1600s with a monarchy centred around Tlokweng ruled by Kings. One of its Kings Kgosi Gaborone is responsible for naming the capital of Botswana – Gaborone. Paramount chief/King (Kgosikgolo) Puso Gaborone of BaTlokwa tribe of Botswana has been traditional monarch since 2006 after succeeding his father Kgoshi Moshibidu Gaborone. He also currently serves as the chairperson of the national house of chiefs or Ntlo ya Dikgosi. Kgosi Puso married Thandie Gaborone nee Leshomo in 2016.

  • Kgosikgolo Mosime – reigned 1680 – 1700
  • Kgosikgolo Mothubane – reigned 1700 – 1730
  • Kgosikgolo Mokgwa – reigned 1730 – 1750
  • Kgosikgolo Taukbong – reigned 1750 – 1770
  • Kgosikgolo Makabe – reigned 1770 – 1780
  • Kgosikgolo Bogatsu – reigned 1780 – 1815
  • Kgosikgolo Kgosi I – reigned 1815 – 1823
    • Regent Lesagê a Kgosi – reigned 1823 – 1826
    • Regent Bashê a Kgosi – reigned 1826 – 1835
  • Kgosikgolo Matlapeng Ramoswana – reigned 1835 – 1880
  • Kgosikgolo Gaborone a Matlapeng – reigned 1880 – 1931
  • Kgosikgolo Matlala a Molefê a Gaborone – reigned 1931 – 1948
  • Kgosikgolo Kgosi II a Matlala Gaborone – reigned 1948 – 1973
    • Regent Kema Gaborone – reigned 1973 – 1975
    • Regent Monare Gaborone – reigned 1975 – 1989
    • Regent Michael Spokes Gaborone – reigned 1989 – 2002 and 2005 – 2006
  • Kgosikgolo Moshibidu Gaborone – reigned 2002 – 2005
  • Kgosikgolo Puso Gaborone – reigned 2006 –

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Kgosikgolo of BaLete / BaMalete

BaMalete or Balete “which mean waiting” are the only tribe in Botswana that are not Tswana but Nguni and have resided in Botswana since 1780s. They have had a monarchy led by a Kgosikgolo since 1700s centred around Ramotswa town which mean “we are from” after they chased away the Bangwaketse and settled there. They revere the Bufallo as an important animal thus it is forbidden to eat its meat.

Current Paramount chief/King (Kgosikgolo) is Mosadi Seboko. She made history as the first female monarch in Botswana being crowned in 2003. She was the first born of her father the late monarch Mokgosi III and succeeded her uncle who had become kgosikgolo after her brother Seboko II passed away. She is also a former chairperson of national house of chiefs and currently a Member of the Ntlo ya Dikgosi or National House of Chiefs

  • Kgosikgolo Phatlê
  • Kgosikgolo Malete
  • Kgosikgolo Maphalaolê
  • Kgosikgolo Mongatane
  • Kgosikgolo Maio
  • Kgosikgolo Kgomo
  • Kgosikgolo Mokgwê
  • Kgosikgolo Marumô
  • Kgosikgolo Pôwê I a Marumo – reigned 1780s
    • Regent Mokgôjwe a Pôwê – reigned 1805
  • Kgosikgolo Pôwê II a Mokgôjwe – reigned 1805–1830
  • Kgosikgolo Mokgôsi I a Pôwê – reigned 1830–1886
  • Kgosikgolo Ikaneng a Mokgôsi – reigned 1886–1896
  • Kgosikgolo Mokgôsi II a Ikaneng reigned 1896–1906
    • Regent Baitlotle a Ikaneng reigned 1906–1917
  • Kgosikgolo Seboko I a Mokgôsi – reigned 1917–1937
    • Regent Ketswerebothata a Mokgôsi – reigned 1937 – 1945
  • Kgosikgolo Mokgosi III Seboko – reigned 1945 – 1966
    • Regent Kelemogile a Seboko reigned 1966 – 1996
  • Kgosikgolo Seboko II a Mokgôsi – reigned 1996–2001
    • Regent Uncle Tumelo a Seboko – reigned 2001 – 2002
  • Kgosikgolo Mosadi Muriel Seboko – reigned 2002 –

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Kgosikgolo of BaTawana

Paramount chief/King (Kgosikgolo) Tawana II Moremi of BaTawana tribe of Botswana.
A business law graduate from UK, he was crowned as traditional monarch in 1995 succeeding the late monarch. He left his throne in 2003 under the regency of his elder sister Princess Kealetile Moremi and moved to politics becoming a very vocal figure in parliament. Kgosi Tawana previously served as member of Parliament for Maun West. He returned fully to his throne in 2019 and left politics. He has children including Prince Oatile Tawana Moremi.

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Kgosikgolo of Bakoena / BaKwena

Paramount chief/King (Kgosikgolo) Kgari Sechele III of BaKwena or BaKoena tribe of Botswana.
He is the current reigning traditional monarch of the tribe and sits in the national house of chiefs, Botswana

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BaNgwaketse are a tswana group who live in the arid mountainous region of Southern Botswana with their royal capital being Kanye royal village where the monarchy is based. In the early 20th century, Kanye became the first village in the Bechuanaland Protectorate to introduce irrigation projects and public standpipes. They have had a monarchy since 1700s. King Bathoen I is considered one of the visionary founders of Botswana in the 19th century and today he is depicted on the 100 Pula banknote. Paramount chief/King (Kgosikgolo) Malope II a Gaseitsiwe of BaNgwaketse tribe of Botswana has been traditional monarch since 2010 after succeeding his late father the famous Kgosi Seepapitso IV. He previously served as deputy chairperson of national house of chiefs or Ntlo ya Dikgosi.

  • Kgosikgolo Mongala – reigned 1750 – 1770
  • Kgosikgolo Moleta – reigned 1770 – 1790
  • Kgosikgolo Makaba II – reigned 1790 – 1824
    • Split into two 1817 – 1857
  • Kgosikgolo Sebego – reigned 1824 – 1844
  • Kgosikgolo Senthufe – reigned 1844 – 1857
  • Kgosikgolo Tshosaa – reigned 1817 – 1822
  • Kgosikgolo Segotshane – reigned 1822 – 1845
  • Kgosikgolo Gaseitsiwe a Tshosa – reigned 1845 – 1889 (reunified in 1857)
  • Kgosikgolo Batheon I – reigned 1889 – 1910
  • Kgosikgolo Seepapitso III – reigned 1910 – 1916 (assasinated by his younger brother Moepapitso
    • His mother Mohumagadi Gagoangwe became regent for his young son 1923, later his sister Nteboganga became regent
  • Kgosikgolo Batheon II Seepapitso Gaseitsiwe – reigned 1928 – 1969
    • leader of opposition in the national assembly
  • Kgosikgolo Seepapitso IV – reigned 1969 – 2010
    • Served as chair of house of chiefs for 24 years and was ambassador to USA nd China
  • Kgosikgolo Malope II – reigned 2010 –

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Kgosikgolo of BaRolong

Paramount chief/King (Kgosikgolo) Lotlamoreng ii of BaRolong tribe of Botswana.
He has been traditional monarch since 2002. He caused uproar among the Barolong royal house after leaving the throne under regency for politics. Kgosi Lotlamoreng has however has resumed his full position as monarch. He is currently the member of Parliament of Good hope – Mabule, Botswana

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Kgosikgolo of BaKagtla

Paramount chief (Kgosikgolo) Kgafela ii of BaKgatla tribe of Botswana and South Africa. He has been traditional monarch since 2008. However the Botswana government had de-recognised him as monarch on grounds that he refused to submit to the national authority, claiming autonomy and refusal to attend to public officers. The Paramount chief insists the rough relationship came after he called for the review of the constitution and issues of BaKgatla tribal land which is currently under different sovereign nations. Bakgatla live both in Botswana and South Africa. He currently lives in South Africa since 2012 and is considered paramount King of all BaKgatla people.

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Under them are many other royal chiefs around the country


Tswana citizens



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