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Bunyoro kitara kingdom is a sub national or tribal kingdom that existed for centuries and was at one time the largest empire in East Africa the famous Bunyoro Kitara empire from 13th to 19th century. It is inhabited by the banyoro people who are a bantu ethnic group who are 800,000 – 1.4million in population. Starting at the later date of the 11th century, as per oral history, three dynasties had ruled over the area, from the time when it was a kingdom of Kitara till present day kingdom of Bunyoro Kitara.

(i)    The Batembuzi Dynasty- Pioneer rulers and inhabitants of the area.

(ii)    The Bachwezi Dynasty-Rulers of Kitara at its peak in the 14th century.

(iii)    The Babiito Dynasty -Rulers of Bunyoro-Kitara after the 16th century.

Royal Titles

King – Omukama (actual meaning is Milkman)

Queen – Omugo (Wife of Omukama)

Queen Mother (King’s mother) – Namasole

Prince – Omubiito

Princess – Omubiitokati

Prime minister – Omuhikirwa

Coronation – Empango

Kings(Abakama) of Bunyoro Kitara

  • Kogyere I Rusija-Miryango Empress] [1090-1120]
  • Kogyere II [Empress] [1120-1130]
  • Kyomya I kya Isiimbwa [1130-1140]
  • Mugarra I [1140-1150]
  • Ndahura I kya Rubumbi [1150-1160]
  • Mulindwa [1160-1170]
  • Wamara Bbala Bwigunda [1170-1200]
  • Kyomya II Rurema [1200-1210]
  • Kagoro [1210-1220]
  • Kakara-ka-Shagama [1220-1250]
  • Njunaki Kamaranga [Empress] [1250-1280]
  • Shagama-rwa-Njunaki [1280-1300]
  • Wahaiguru Rukuba-Ntondo [1300-1310]
  • Kateboha [1310-1330]
  • Nyakahuma [Queen Regnant] [1330-1375]
  • Kirobozi [1375-1400]
  • Mugarra II wa Kirobozi [1400-1420]
  • Buyonga bwa Kirobozi [1420-1430]
  • Kyomya III [1430-1460]
  • Nkome [1460-1485]
  • Rukidi of Bunyoro – late fifteenth century/early sixteenth
  • Ocaki of Bunyoro – early sixteenth century
  • Oyo Nyiba of Bunyoro – early sixteenth century
  • Winyi I of Bunyoro – early sixteenth centuryOlimi I of Bunyoro- mid-sixteenth century
  • Nyabongo of Bunyoro – mid-sixteenth century
  • Winyi II of Bunyoro – late sixteenth century/early seventeenth centuryOlimi II of Bunyoro – mid-seventeenth century
  • Nyarwa of Bunyoro – mid-seventeenth century
  • Cwamali of Bunyoro – mid-seventeenth century
  • Masamba of Bunyoro – late seventeenth century
  • Anabwani I of Bunyoro, – late seventeenth century
  • Kyebambe I of Bunyoro – late seventeenth century
  • Winyi III of Bunyoro – early eighteenth century
  • Nyaika of Bunyoro – early eighteenth century
  • Kyebambe II of Bunyoro – early eighteenth century
  • Olimi III of Bunyoro – c. 1710-1731
  • Duhaga of Bunyoro – 1731- c. 1782
  • Olimi IV of Bunyoro – c. 1782-1786
  • Nyamutukura Kyebambe III of Bunyoro – 1786-1835
  • Nyabongo II of Bunyoro – 1835-1848
  • Olimi V of Bunyoro – 1848-1852
  • Kyebambe IV of Bunyoro – 1852-1869
  • Kabalega of Bunyoro – 1869-1898
  • Kitahimbwa of Bunyoro – 1898-1902
  • Duhaga II of Bunyoro – 1902-1924
  • Winyi IV of Bunyoro – 1925-1967
  • Solomon Iguru I – 1993–present

King or Omukama Solomon Iguru I is the current reigning monarch of the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom in Uganda.

The current King was crowned on 11th june 1994 succeeding his late father King or Omukama Winyi IV and his second wife queen Getrude Komweru. He is the 49th king and 27th from the currently ruling Babiito dynasty. He enjoys much support from his people

Royal Wedding and Family

The King or Omukama is married to Queen (Omugo) Margaret Karunga Adyeri. They married in 2002

Together they have two children. The king also has 9 older children. They include

  • Crown Prince David Rukidi Mpuuga
  • Princess Royal Daisy Masamba Nkwanzi
  • Prince Richard Businge Kitehimbwa
  • Prince Edward Budoli
  • late Princess Victoria Kabagabu
  • Princess Doreen Kezia
  • Princess Olive Kabasindi
  • Princess Daphne Kabatalesa
  • Princess Monica Bayoga
  • Princess Ruth Kasemiire
  • Princess Gertrude Komweru

Royal Role

His role is mostly cultural and overseeing traditional matters in his development but at the same time commanding alot of respect from both his people and the government of Uganda. He is also involved in alot of development projects in his kingdom. The king oversees the traditional parliament of Bunyoro kitara that also has a budget that is allocated to activities and development of the kingdom. His official palace is Karuziika palace located at Hoima town, Uganda. His coronation or Empango anniversary is always celebrated every year on 11th june.

The ancient throne with the instruments of power and tradition that have been used for centuries
The roylas on the throne wearing the bark cloth that most tribes in Uganda used to wear before modern clothing. This stunned colonial European when they arrived in the 1800s
Karuziika royal palace, official residence of HM King /Omukama Solomon Iguru i of Bunyoro kitara kingdom and family.
📷Source : Robert Tumusiime /twitter

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