Queen mother Best Kemigisa Olimi of Tooro Kingdom, Uganda

Queen Best Kemigisa Olimi is the current Queen mother of Tooro Kingdom in Uganda. She is the wife of late HM King/Omukama Olimi iii who died in 1995 and the mother of HM King/Omukama Oyo Rukidi iv of Tooro Kingdom, Uganda who become monarch at a young age of 3. Her daughter is HRH Princess Ruth Komuntale.

Photo : QueenBestKemigisafoundation

Born in 1967 April 22nd, She is the daughter of Prince Mujunju, of the Batuku clan. She was educated at Kahinju Primary School, Mpanga Senior Secondary School and kyebambe secondary school , all in the Kingdom of Tooro.

With her young children and brother in law late Prince regent James Mugenyi

The queen mother works tirelessly for her people and is an advocate of women and children under United Nations women.She is the Founder and Patron of the Toro Women’s Development Association and a co-founder of the African Queens and women cultural leaders.

Photo : QueenBestKemigisafoundation

Tooro Kingdom is a subanational traditional kingdom in the Republic of Uganda inhabited by the BaTooro people or ethnic group. The Kingdom’s capital is Fort Portal City where the Karuziika royal palace is located.

Photo : QueenBestKemigisafoundation
Photo : QueenBestKemigisafoundation
With Queen Elizabeth II of UK

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  1. Very interesting post and I appreciate the photos too. It looks like the Queen Mother has two rather substancial diamond tiaras at her disposal. Is anything known about them? Are they perhaps family heirlooms?

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