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AmaMpondo aseNyandeni or western Pondoland is a traditional monarchy of the amaMpondo people of Eastern Cape, South Africa. The kingdom is ruled by the Ndamase royal family since 1845 and is based at Nyandeni Great Place, Libode, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The Mpondo people (amaMpondo) have had two kingdoms. Eastern pondoland or amaMpondo aseQaukeni is the great royal house while Western pondoland or amaMpondo aseNyandeni is the right house. Nyandeni was formed by Prince Ndamase, a son of King Faku who left and estbalished his own community and since then it has had autonomous sovereignity for several years. The other son Crown prince Mqikela continued the main lineage of AmaMpondo aseQaukeni kingdom which is the great royal house. Find our more about the whole royal family here – AmaMpondo Royal Family

Royal titles

King – iKumkani

Queen – iKumkanikazi

Queen Mother – iNdlunkulu (Great royal wife/house), sometimes Indlovukazi

Prince – iNkosana (some princes are also chiefs/inkosi)

Princess – iNkosazana

Chief – iNkosi

Palace – Nyandeni Great Place, Libode, Eastern Cape

List of kings and Succession

The kings of AmaMpondo asenyandeni are titled locally as Kumkani (King) followed by their praise name. They follow a father to son succession according to the Great royal wife tradition. A king must be born from a royal king/heir and his wife also of royal birth.

  • King Ndamase I aah Mghakangqele! – son of King Faku
  • King Nkqwiliso Ndamase ahh Zakade!
  • King Bokleni Ndamase aah Zwelibanzi!
  • King Mangangelizwe
  • King Mangeni
  • King Victor Poto Ndamase
    • King Tutor Nyangelizwe Ndamase
    • Princess Nolusapho Phumla Ndamase (married Chief Thandata Justice Mabandla of AmaBhele)
  • King Tutor Nyangelizwe Ndamase
    • Married first Princess Tandiwe Zulu, Married second Queen Gcinizizwe both had children
      • Crown Prince Makaziwe Ndamase (died in 1988 before ascending the throne)
      • Princess Feziwe Ndamase later Queen Nondwe of Xhosa
      • Prince Phondolwendlovu Ndamase
      • Prince Mlimandela Ndamase
      • Princess Zwelicacile Ndamase
      • Princess Caciswa Ndamase
      • Princess Boniswa Ndamase
      • Princess Kanyiswa Ndamase
  • Crown Prince Makaziwe Ndamase (died in 1988 before ascending the throne)

King Ndlovuyezwe Ndamase II

King(Kumkani) Ndamase II is the son of late Crown Prince Mabalengwe Ndamase and his great royal wife late Queen mother Bhongolwethu Ndamase (Princess of Eswatini, granddaughter of late King Sobhuza II). The Queen Mother was the daughter of late Prince Mashende Dlamini who died and she was raised by her uncle prince Makhungu Dlamini. This makes her the first cousin of Queen regent Lombekiso MaSobhuza. His father who was the son and heir of late King Tutor Ndamase died in 1988 before ascending the throne.

Photos; sasa_khwaza

King Ndamase took over his position as King in 2008 at the age of 24 years from his mother, Queen Fikelephi Bongolethu Ndamase, the Queen mother who had been the Queen Regent  for 11 years. He therefore succeeded his late grandfather King Tutor Ndamase. The Queen Mother died in June 2018. He was officially crowned in October 2018.

The king is married to Queen Tina Madosini Ndamase since 2011 and they are blessed with two sons princes.

Queen Madosini Tina Ndamase

Queen Tina Madosini Ndamase is the wife and queen consort of King Ndlovuyezwe Ndamase II. She was born in Tsolo, from the Dosini clan of AmaMpondomise Kingdom in South Africa. She is the founder and Chairperson of the Queen Mados Foundation and an academic with an MA Degree from Nelson Mandela University (NMU). Her areas of specialisation and interest encompass local economic development, political science, political economy, and policy analysis, supported by her 15 years of experience in the Public Service under the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. ย Dedicated to community development and gender advocacy, Queen Madosini has initiated numerous community development projects and charitable organizations to mobilize resources for assisting the poor and disadvantaged.ย 

The Queen foundation Queen Mados Foundation

Crown Prince Nkosi Makaziwe Ndamase
King Ndamase I
King Nkqwiliso Ndamase
King Boklein Ndamase
King Victor Poto Ndamase
King Tutor Nyangelizwe Ndamase

King Tutor Nyangelizwe Ndamase and Queen Gcinizizwe Ndamase

Crown Prince Nkosi Makaziwe Ndamase
Prince Nkosi Pondolwendlovu Ndamase
Princess Feziwe Ndamase later Queen Nondwe of Xhosa
Senior Prince Ntandoyesizwe Ndamase
Prince Mthawelanga Ndamase
Prince Mlimandlela Ndamase
Prince Nkosi Tyelentaba Ndamase
Prince Zukisani Ndamase

Chiefs under AmaMpondo aseNyandeni Kingdom

  • Chief of AmaNgcwangule clan – see more link
  • list incomplete

Royal ceremonies

  • Mpondo Culture and Heritage Festival – It seeks to promote cultural diversity through sharing of Mpondo culture and heritage with other cultures from South Africa. It is held every september annually at Lwandlolubomvu Great Place, Ntabankulu; palace of the customary head Jongilanga Sigcau attended by various royals from allover south africa. September is important in Mpondo history as it was originally the Mpondo new year in the ancient Mpondo calendars
  • Coronation and anniversaries

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