Ndzundza Mabhoko || King (Ingwenyama) Mabhoko III, South Africa

Who are the Ndzundza Mabhoko

The Ndzundza Mabhoko (also known as amaNdzundza or Ndzundza Ndebele) are a clan or tribe of the larger Ndebele tribe of South Africa. Historically Manala royal clan that rules ndebele kingdom and Ndzundza were royal brothers, sons of King Musi. At his deathbed, there was a succession dispute that led to separation of the two comuunities. Henceforth both Manala and Ndzundza established their own reign and since have been sovereign for many years. While the South African government recognises Manala clan King as overall King of Ndebele, Ndzundza are still fighting for official recogition.

HM King (Ingwenyama) Mabhoko III (Mbusi Mahlangu) of Ndzundza Mabhoko, South Africa is the current reigning monarch of the Ndzundza Mabhoko people who are part of the larger Ndebele people of South Africa, based in Kosini Kameelrivier

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Royal Titles

  • King – iNgwenyama
  • Queen – iNdlovukazi (used for great wife of royal blood)
  • Non royal wife – Kosikazi, also chiefs wife
  • Queen Mother – ngu Gogo westjhaba
  • Prince – ikosana
  • Princess – ikosazana
  • Chief – iKosi, wife called ikosikazi
  • Palace/IsiGodlo – Ndzundza Mabhoko Royal Kraal at Kosini Kameelrivier, Mpumalanga
    • special acknowledgement Princess Simangaliso Mahlangu

Sucession of Kings

  • Ndebele – Originally a Chief in the lands of the Bhaca and Hlubi.
  • Mkhalangana
  • Mntungwa
  • Jonono
  • Nanasi
  • Mafana
  • Mhlanga
  • Musi
    • After Musi there was a succession dispute fought between his two sons Manala and Ndzundza over the throne
      • Manala continued the Main royal line – See Manala Ndebele
      • Ndzundza – moved away and established his own

The royal family is from the Mahlangu clan named after one of its earlier kings. Mahlangu means β€˜to extract’ (HLANGULA) Removing yourself from a situation, is a Nguni Ndebele surname originating from South Africa

  • Ndzundza -reigned as first King of Ndzundza
  • Mrhetsha
  • Magobholi
  • Bongwe
  • Snideni
  • Mahlangu
  • Maridili
  • Mdalanyana
  • Mrhabuli
  • Magodongo
  • King (Ingwenyama) Mabhoko I – reigned 1839-1875
  • King (Ingwenyama) Mkhephule – reigned 1875 to 1876
  • King (Ingwenyama) Nyabela – reigned 1879-1904, known for resisting and fighting the Boers
  • King (Ingwenyama) Fene Mabusabesala I – reigned 1904 – 1921
  • King (Ingwenyama) Mayitja II – reigned 1921 – 1961
  • King (Ingwenyama) Mabusabesala II – reigned 1961 – 1992
  • King (Ingwenyama) Mayitja III – reigned 1992 – 2005
  • King (Ingwenyama) Mabhoko III – reigned 2005 –

King Mabusabesala II David Mahlangu

He reigned from 1961 until 1992. He was succeded by his son King Mayitja III

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King Mayitja III Cornelius Mahlangu

King(Ingwenyama) Mayitja was the former king of Ndzundza Mabhoko people, South Africa. He was the son of King Mabusabesala II. He was married to

Together they had many children. He reigned from 1992 until his untimely passing in 2005, and was succeeded by his son King Mabhoko III. He was a famous figure in the KwaNdebele government

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King Mabhoko III

King Mabhoko III (Mbusi Mahlangu) is the current reigning Ingwenyama of Ndzundza Mabhoko people since 2005. He is the son of late HM King Mayitja III Cornelius Mahlangu of Ndzundza Mabhoko (died 2005) and his great royal wife Queen mother Siphila Dlamini Mahlangu born Princess of Eswatini, daughter of late King Sobhuza II of Eswatini formerly Swaziland. He is a grandson of late King Mabusabesala Mahlangu of Ndzundza Mabhoko and late King Sobhuza II of Eswatini formerly Swaziland

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