Erelu Kuti IV Abiola Dosunmu, Queen mother of Lagos, Yeye Oodua of Ife, Nigeria

HRH the Erelu Kuti IV of Lagos, Nigeria,Madam Abiola Dosunmu is the current Queen mother of Lagos and Yeye Oodua ( Queen mother) of Ife kingdoms, Nigeria

Born a princess of the Lagos Royal family in 29TH July, 1947 to Omoba Adewunmi Dosunmu And Olori Adejoke Dosunmu. She was  Crowned the Erelu-Kuti iv, the highest female royal position in Lagos in 1980 by Late HM Oba Adeyinka Oyekan II. She is obligated to always wear white and has held the position for 40 years. She was also named Yeye Oodua ( Queen mother) of Ife, Nigeria by HM Ooni of Ife in 2022 to succeed the late Hannah Idowu

Madam Abiola Dosunmu is ranked 3rd in precedence of the Kingdom. She is also a well known business woman in various fields in Nigeria, a member of many social economic organisations and holds the national honour of the Kingdom of Belgium. Through her foundation she helps in rehabilitation of street kids and drug addicts, skills training and vocational education

The Erelu Kuti of Lagos Serves as.

  • A member of the king makers council.
  • Queen mother of Lagos
  • Regent to the throne when vacant
  • A Close confidant of the traditional rulers of Lagos
  • A traditional leader of women organisations including market guilds;
  • An adviser on Social matters, conferment of traditional and honorary titles

Erelu Kuti is a royal title held by a princess of royal blood from the lagos royal family. The first woman to hold it in the 18th century was the daughter of a lagos king and sister to the future 2 kings. She married a lagos noble chief and became a chief herself in her own right. She later became queen mother of Lagos. Her descendants continue to hold this title chosen by the king

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