Traditional Kings in Cameroon

Cameroon is a country in West Africa with many traditional Kings who are categorized into 3 levels. Some prominent Kings have served in government in various capacities as well as being traditional kings

Nfon (Sultan King) of Bamoun Kingdom, Bamoun people

Bamoun Kingdom is a traditional monarchy of the Bamoun people of cameroon. It is headed by a a monarch called Nfon (King) who also has the title Sultan as head of muslims in Bamoun. The current Nfon is Nfon Mohammed Nabil Mbombo Njoya, born Prince Mfonrifum Mohammed Nabil Mbombo Njoya in 1993. He was crowned sultan King of Bamoun kingdom immediately after his fathers funeral on Friday 7th October 2021 alongside his siter who is Coheir or Momanfon. His father late King sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya was the 19th Nfon (King) of Bamoun people since 1992. He is married to his longtime girlfriend Queen Aisha. Read more here – Sultans of Bamoun.

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Fo’A-Djo (King) of Bandjoun

Bandjoun is a traditional monarchy of Bandjoum people of the larger Bamileke people. The monarchy is headed by a monarch called Fo’A-Djo who is famous for marrying many wives and inheriting his predecesor’s wives. Bandjoun is the largest monarchy of the Bamileke people and the king is based at Hialah where there is a traditional palace which is a major tourist attraction. The current Fo’A-Djo is Fo’A-Djo Dr Djomo Honoré Kamga, a polymer engineer. He succeeded his late brother in 2004 and is the son of Kig Kamga who died in 1975. He is a first degree monarch according to Ministry of Territory administration.

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Fon/Fo’o (King) of Bafoussam

Bafoussam (Pe Foussam) is a traditional monarchy/Fondom of the Bamileke people of Cameroon situated around Bafoussam, which today is the third most important city in Cameroon. The monarchy is headed by a monarch called Fon or Fo’o. The current Fon is Fon Njitack Ngompé Pelé who succeded his late father Fon Elie Ngompé Tchountchoua is 1988. He is the 97th monarch of this dynasty and is a second degree monarch as recognized by Ministry of territorial administration

Photos : Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher/

Fo of Mankon Kingdom

The Kingdom of Mankon was founded in the 14th or 15th century. It is headed by a monarch called Fo. The current Fo is Fo Fru Asa-ah Ndefru Angwafor IV who succeded his late father the influential Fo Agwafor III Solomon Ndefru nicknamed “King Solomon the wise”who passed away in 2022 aged 97 after 63 years on the throne. The King who is an educationist was a principal of a government college begore becoming King

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Fo’o of Bamendjou

Fo’o Tchendjou II Jean Phillipe Rameau Sokoudjou of Bamendjou is the current reigning 15th King(Fo’o) of Bamendjou since 1953 then aged 17. He actively took part in decolonization struggle of #Cameroon and was imprisoned severally. He was received by Pope Paul IV in the Vatican on 13th August 1975 when he went to appeal for the canonisation of the Africans who sacrificed their lives protecting the clergymen and women. His Majesty has over 80 wives including non Cameroonians. Some are Nigerians, Europeans etc. He has over 300 children. He survived a plane crashed on return from a visit to the family of one of his wives in Nigeria.

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Lamido (Lamibe) of Maroua

Bakary Yerima Bouba Alioum since 2003, he passed away in July 2023

Ikanea (Paramount chief) of Limbe

Ikanea or Paramount Chief John Elufa Manga Williams is the current monarch of Limbe since 2018, crowned 2022. Born in 1965, John Elufa Manga Williams is the Nephew of the former Paramount Chief of Limbe, HRM Ferguson Billa Manga Williams who died in July 2005. He was appointed Paramount Chief of Limbe on July 11, 2018 after 13 years of the royal stool being vacant. He did his secondary education at Baptist High School Buea, high school at Government High School and is holder of a Degree in Public Administration from the University of Calabar, Nigeria. He has been a Municipal Councillor and worked at the Limbe Urban Council and Limbe 1 Council. He is married with three kids (one boy and two girls). His appointment came to put an end to battles within the royal families in Limbe (the Manga Williams, the Mokebas and the Carrs) as to who should succeed late Chief Ferguson Manga Williams.

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Nfon of Bafaw people, Kumba

Nfon (King or ruler) Mukete IV Ekoko Leonard of Bafaw people of Cameroon, also ruler of kumba region, the centre of Bafaw people is the last born son of late Nfon Victor Mukete who died in 2021 aged 103. Nfon Victor Mukete was the oldest senator in Cameroon and was formerly the minister of information before the reunification of Cameroon. His father suprised the traditional institution by selecting his youngest son to suceed him. Read more about him here – King of Bafaw

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Fon of Bafut

Fon Abumbi II is the current monarch or King of Bafut kingdom /Fondom of Bafut people of North West Province, Cameroon. He has been on the throne since 1968 as the eleventh King succeeding his late father late Fon Achirimbi II. He is famous for having 100 wives (72 are his late father’s) and 500 children. His 600 yr old palace is a major tourist attraction showcasing bafut architecture

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Fo of Bana

Bana is a traditional monarchy/Fondom of the Bamileke people of Cameroon, headed by a monarch called Fo. The current Fo is Fo Happi V Sikam who succeded his late father Fon Happi IV Kontchipe Tafhu Joseph in 2003

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Fon of Babungo

Babungo is a traditional monarchy of the Babungo people. It’s current Fon is Fon Ibrahim Ndofoa Zofoa III

Photos : Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher/, Fon Babungo

Fon of Oku

Oku is a traditional monarchy or Fondom consisting of a monarch called Fon and under him are 36 chiefs and chiefdoms. Fon Ngum IV is the current reigning monarch of Oku since 2021. He succeded his late father Fon Sintieh II who passed way in 2021 and was presented to the public on 18th December 2021. Fon Ngum IV was born in January 8th 1997 and holds an LL.B in Public Law from the University of Bamenda. He is married

Photos; Fon of Oku/ Facebook

Queen of Batanga Lohove (Cheffe Superieure de Batanga Lohove )

Queen Gaelle Michelle Mahouve IV is the Queen /Superior chief of the Batanga Lohove people. She succeeded her father His Majesty Michel Mahouvé III after the death of her parents in a tragic road accident in January 2019. She was born on February 19 1985, is a Cameroonian magistrate and first queen of the Batanga Lohove people of Southern Cameroon. She is the first woman to succeed to the throne of this community.

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Fon of Fongou

Photos : Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher/

Fon of Baham

Baham is a raditional monarchy/Fondom of Baham (Po Ham) who are part of the larger Bamileke people. It is headed by a monarch called Fon. The current Fon is Fon Max Matchuenkam Pouokam II

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Fon of Nso

Nso is a traditional monarchy of Nso people (BaNso). Their current Fon is Fon Sehm Mbinglo II. He was kidnapped among others in 2018 by separatists but was released 5days after pledge by Nso people to the kidnappers. His palace is located at Kumba

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Fon of Mbiame

Fon Nwe II is the 21st Fon of Mbiame

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King of Douala people (Cheffe Superieure de Canton Bell)

Jean Yves Eboumbou Manga Bell X is the current monarch of Douala(Duala) people of Cameroon, also known as Seuperior chief of canton bell based at Bonanjo, Douala town. He succeeded his late father René Douala Manga Bell IX who passed on in 2012. He is the great gret grandson of late King Rudolf Manga Bell who was hanged by the Germans for resisting colonialism

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Dengkeghem of Aghem

Aghem are a bantu speaking group found in Cameroon. They are headed by a monarch titled Dengkeghem. The current 14th Dengkeghem is  Dengkeghem Bah-Mbi III Mathias Njuh of Aghem since 1995

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Fo’o of Awing

Fo’o Fozo’o II has been monarch of Awing since 1998

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Fon of Balikumbat

Fon Ganyamnyin III is the current reigning Monarch/Fon of Balikumbat since 2012 after the death of the famous Fon Doh Gahnyamgi III. He was arrested in 2020 on alegations of sponsooring war in his region but was released

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Fon of Bambalang

Fon Kevin Yakum Shomitang II succeeded his father in 2009. He was kidnapped in December 2021amidst the ongoing clashes in that region

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Fon of Baba 1

Meet the youngest traditional ruler in Cameroon, His Royal Highness Fon Fue Nghaper II of Baba1 Village. He is a nine-year old primary 4 pupil. He succeeded his father Fon Fuekemshi II who joined his ancestors on May 2, 2023. He was crowned Fon of Baba1 on Friday May 12, 2023.

Paramount chief of Ewondo and Bane ethnic groups (chefferie de Efoulan)

HM Paramount chief /female King Marie Therese Atangana Assiga Ahanda of Ewondo and Bane/Bene ethnic groups of Cameroon (chefferie de Efoulan / chefferie de Ewondo Bene. She was the daughter of late Paramount chief Charles Atangana (1880-1943) She was appointed as successor in 1991 and was formally crowned in 1999/2000. She restored her father’s palace / palace of Efoulan. She served as first female paramount chief from 1999 until 2014. Her largest legacy was the renovation of her fathers palace. She was also a famous Author. She was a novelist / writer and previously was a member of the national assembly of Cameroon from 1983-1988. Marie died in 2014 aged 72 leaving her husband Jean Baptiste Assiga Ahanda (died 2022) of over 40 years and four children.

Paramount Ruler of Buea 

Chief Dr Robert Esuka’ Mbella Endeley is the 7th


Sultan of Wandala, Mora

Boukar Alhadji Yerima Brahim, born 1966, 3 wives, 8 children

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Lamido of Mindif

Oumarou Maigari

Lamido of Mokolo

Yacouba Mohamadou Mourtalla

Lamido of Mokong

Bissagou Mamadou, born 1922, stooled 1944, 10 wives, 42 children

Lamido of Oudjilla

Mozogo Daouka, born 1911, 50 wives, 113 children

Lamido of Meskine

Amadou Dairois

Lamido of Koza

Moussa Yavara

Lamido de Boula

Hamadou Ousmanou Mamoudou born 1985, stooled 2007

Cheffe Superieure de Canton Wouri Bwele

Edimo Alexandre Martin

Cheffe Superieure de Mikok-Bityli (Ebolowa)

Mvondo Nkukuma Emmanuel

Cheffe Superieure de Canton Deido

Ekwalla Essaka

Chef de Bonendale

Ndoumbe Emmanuel

More to be added

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