World’s Oldest Kings in Africa, Old is Gold

The saying goes that Old is gold and in Africa it is tradition to listen to the wisdom of the old generation since they have seen and lived through it all. Royalty is not different, Many kingdoms seek advise from royal councils where members of advanced age sit. Here are some Kings who have been blessed with long lives, out of the ordinary life expectancy. Meet the Oldest serving Kings in Africa

Onilua(King) Oba Samuel Durodola Afolabi II of Ilua land, Nigeria

Born – 1879 and died in 2021 (141 years)

Crowned – 1982 aged 102

Reigned – 1982 – current 39 years


Obobanyi Chief Jeremiah Aka’ava JP of Ohionwa (Uka) Clan, Nigeria

Born – 1903 and died 2019 (115 years)

Crowned – 1982

Reigned – 36 years

Born in 1903, Chief Aka’ava was the 12th occupant of the over 300 year old ancient stool of Obobanyi of Ohionwa (Uka) Clan in Ihima, Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi state and ruled for about 36 years.

Ohworode (King) Ovie Dr Richard Layeguen Ogbo Oghoro I of Olomu Kingdom,Nigeria

Born – 1917 and died 2023 (106 years)

Crowned – 1988

Reigned – 35 years

The Olomu kingdom thone became vacant in1974 when the late king from the Uhurie royal house died. It became the turn for Umugoro royal house to select an heir to fill the position but they could not forcing a Interregnum of 6 years until 1980. Richard Layeguen Ogbon was selected by the Umugoro royal house among three candidated for the throne. The late king was married twice with 12 children. His late daughter Ambassador Elizabeth Ogbon was the first female ambassador of nigeria. The king was the chairman of Urhobo council of traditional leaders. His major role is cultural but he has esured and influenced development of hs kingdoms through the Nigerian governemnt such as schools, roads etc

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Mtemi Daudi Mazengo Solomon Chalula of Gogo/Gongwe tribe, Tanzania

Born – Born 1861 and died 1967 (106 years)

Crowned – 1883/1876

Reigned – 84/91 years

Mtemi Daudi Mazengo Salomona Chalula who ruled for 84 years dying at the age of 106. He ruled for four consecutive terms, from 1876 to 1887 (before colonial era), 1888 to 1919 (During German colonialism), 1920 to 1961 (England colonialism), and from 1961 to 1963 under former premier, Mwalimu Nyerere.He was also invited to bless the independence celebrations by President Julius Nyerere. The name Ikulu used today as substitute for State house was originally used for the palace of the monarch – Mvumi Ikulu.In 1958 he was appointed to grace an official welcoming ceremony of Britain’s Princess Margaret in Tabora Region. Mtemi Solomon Mazengo, as he was known in his last days, was married to six wives and fathered 30 children with 50 grandsons upon his death at the age of 106 in 1967.

Ngola(King) Buba Nvula Dala Mana Cabombo of Ndongo kingdom, Angola

Born – 1922 and died in 2023 (101 years)

Crowned – 1993

Reigned – 30 years

He is the 44th king of this dynasty among the lineage of the famous Queen Nzinga/Njinga who ruled kingdom of Ndongo and Matamba in the 1600s. King Buba was born in 1922, is married to 14 wives (5 are late) and has 45 children, 150 grandchildren and 115 great grandchildren. He has ruled for 30 years

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Photos : VOA, Journal Angola

Queen Madam Wokie Massaquoi of the Vai people of Sierra Leone and Liberia,gallinas kingdom

Born – before 1870 (over 100 yrs)


Reigned -1925-1971 (46 years)

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Asagba(King) Prof Chike Edozien of Asaba, Nigeria

Born – 1922 (99 years)

Crowned – 1987

Reigned -1987 – current 36 years

13th Asagba of Asaba studied medicine in Ireland, become Prof lecturer of medicine in Nigeria

Igwe(King) Kenneth Onyeneke Orizu III of Nnewi Kingdom, Nigeria

Born – 1925 (98 years)

Crowned – 1963

Reigned – 60 years

He is the 20th Obi of Otolo and Igwe of Nnewi kingdom. Otolo is the royal seat of nnewi kingdom thus the king is both ruler of the town and king of the whole kingdom. He is a member of the Nnofo Royal lineage and the successor to his father Igwe Josiah Orizu II. In Anambra State, Igwe Kenneth Orizu III is the vice chairman of the Anambra State House of Kings. He has modernized Nnewi

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Soun Oba Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III of Ogbomosho, Nigeria

Born – 1927 (95 years), died 2022

Crowned – 1974

Reigned – 48 years

Soun of Ogbomoso,Nigeria Oba Oladunni Oyewumi, Ajagungbade III died at the age of 95 after 48 years on the throne

Eze (Dr) Mathew Chukwuemeka Ukeje (JP), the Udo Abia 1V of Udo Ancient Kingdom, Nigeria

Born – 1925 , died 2020 (95 years)

Crowned – 1977

Reigned – 43 years

(Dr) Mathew Chukwuemeka Ukeje (JP), the Udo Abia 1V of Udo Ancient Kingdom, in Ezinihittee Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State. Aged 95 years, he was the traditional ruler of Udo autonomous community Imo State. Until his death, Eze Ukeje was the longest reigning king in the old Imo State (now Imo and Abia States). The late Monarchy’s reigned witnessed monumental developments in Udo such as the establishment of Udo Secondary Technical School, Udo Health Centre, Postal Agency, Nkwo Udo market, Water scheme, hospital and electricity supply.

Owa(King) Oba Frederick Adegunle Aroloye, JP, OFR Gbolagunte Arubiefin IV of the Idanre Kingdom, Nigeria

Born – 1928 (95 years)

Crowned – 1976

Reigned – 1976 – current 45 years

Oba Frederick Adegunle Aroloye,  JP, OFR Gbolagunte Arubiefin IV, the 26th Owa of the ancient Idanre Kingdom, marked his 45th coronation anniversary on Saturday 11 December 2021. He was appointed in September 1976. The enthronement happened after seven years of interregnum following the demise of his father, Owa Aladegbule Aroloye III.

Photos ;

Amanyanabo (King) Prof. T.J.T Princewill Amachree XI of Kalabari kingdom, Nigeria

Born – 1930 and died 2023 (93yrs)

Crowned – 2002

Reigned – 21 years

HM Amanyanabo (King) Prof. T.J.T Princewill Amachree XII of Kalabari kingdom, Rivers state, Nigeria is the 11th King of the Amachree dynasty that rules Kalabari kingdom. He was an accomplished Professor of medical microbiology before ascending the throne. He is also the father of Nigerian famous philanthropist, politician, film producer Prince Tonye Princewill

Ohinoyi (King) Ado Ibrahim Attah of Ebiraland, Kogi State, Nigeria

Born – 1930 (93yrs)

Crowned – 1997

Reigned – 1997 – current

Ebiraland or kingdom is the traditional monarchy of the Ebira people majorly found in Kogi state, Nigeria. Their king’s Azad palace is also the most beautiful palace in western Africa. This palace which is his private residence was named after his late son Azad who passed away years ago. He also has another public palace

Obi (King)  Agbogidi Obi James Anyasi II of Idumuje Unor, Nigeria

Born – 1924 (90yrs) died 2013

Crowned – 1946 aged 22

Reigned – 67 years

Born on the 6th of March 1924. Obi Anyasi II was crowned king from the Okwunye ruling dynasty on the 9th of October, 1946 at the age of 22, in the hey days of British Colonialism. He was  the longest reigning king in Africa and the second in the world after King Bhumibol Adelyadej of Thailand reputed at that time the World’s longest reigning monarch.

Photos; George Osodi

Ingwenyama (King) Sobhuza II of Eswatini formely Swaziland

Born – 1899 and died in 1982 (83 years)

Crowned -succeded under regency aged 4 months but crowned 1921 after reaching 21

Reigned – 83 years

He was Ingwenyama of Swaziland now Eswatini after succeeding his late father. He is the modernizer of Eswatini and is the longest serving king in the world. He was succeeded by his son King Mswati III. He was married to 70 plus wives and over 200 children

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