Prince Louis Rwagasore of Burundi 🇧🇮 day- 13 October

Today is the 60th death and assassination anniversary of HRH Prince Louis Rwagasore of Burundi. He was eldest son of King Mwambutsa IV and Queen Kanyonga of Burundi. He was married to a hutu lady Princess Marierose Ntakimevyo in 1959.

The prince was an advocate for Burundian independence against the Belgian colonial government. He founded the UPRONA party and became the prime minister of Burundi shortly before independence and his assassination. He was assassinated at hotel Tanganyika in Bujumbura in 1961 by a Greek national and three other Burundians of the pro Belgian party under orders of top officials. The Belgian colonial government has also been blamed for his death though no official statements have been made.

The prince and his two young daughters have been buried at the mausoleum in the capital and is the common place for commemoration of his assassination every 13th October. He has been described a national hero. Over the years a daughter Marie Claire Burikukiye hhas appeared claiming to be his daughter, however the royal family claims she is not his daughter.

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