AmaMpondo Royal Family, South Africa

Amampondo royal family is the ruling royal dynasty of the Mpondo Kingdom of AmaMpondo people of South Africa. AmaMpondo are a southern bantu group currently inhabiting South Africa. Their Kingdom which was started in 500 AD is now found in modern Eastern cape province South Africa headed by a king whose local title is Kumkani. The AmaMpondo royal family is from the amaNyawuza clan which includes all kings of Mpondo and their descendants.

The origin of AmaMpondo is credited with Mpondo. Mpondo and Mpondomise were twins, sons of King Njanya , they both formed what is now Mpondo Kingdom and Mpondomise Kingdom.

Royal Titles

  • King – iKumkani
  • Queen – iKumkanikazi
  • Queen Mother – iNdlunkulu (Great royal wife/house), sometimes Indlovukazi
  • Prince – iNkosana
  • Princess – iNkosazana
  • Chief – iNkosi
  • Palace –
    • amaMpondo aseQaukeni Kingdom – Qaukeni Great Place at Lukisiki, Eastern Cape
    • amaMpondo aseNyandeni Kingdom – Nyandeni Great Place at Libode, Eastern Cape

Kings (Kumkani) of amaMpondo

  • Zalankomo kaNkosi
  • Langa kaZalankomo
  • Sidweba kaLanga
  • Sibiside kaSidweba
  • Njanya kaSibiside
  • Mpondo kaNjanya
  • Sihula kaMpondo
  • Mthwa kaSihula
  • Santsabe kaMthwa
  • Mkhondwane kaSantsabe
  • Sukude kaMkhondwane
  • Hlambangobubende kaSukude
  • Ziqelekazi kaHlambangobubende
  • Hlamandana kaZiqelekazi
  • Thobe kaHlamandana
  • Msiza kaThobe
  • Ncindesi kaMsiza
  • Cabe kaNcindesi
  • Chiya kaCabe
  • Gangatha kaCabe
  • Bhala kaGangatha
  • Chithwayo kaBhala
  • Ndayeni kaChithwayo
  • Thahla kaNdayeni
  • Nyawuza kaThahle
  • Ngqungqushe kaNyawuza
  • Faku kaNgqungqushe
  • Mqikela kaFaku
  • Sigcau kaMqikela
  • Marelane kaSigcau
  • Mandlonke kaMarelane
  • Botha Manzolwandle Jongilizwe Sigcau kaMarelane
  • Mpondombinini Thandizulu Sigcau kaBotha Manzolwandle Jongilizwe Sigcau
  • Zanozuko Tyelovuyo Sigcau (source:wikipedia and Xhosa culture

Follwing the death of King Faku, His great son Mqikela comtined his rule at Qaukeni Great royal house whilst his right hand son Ndamase established Nyandeni right royal house. These two brother royal houses have been sovereignly autonomous however the Qaukeni great royal house is the senior house of the Mpondo kingdom. AmaMpondo aseQaukeni kingdom was commonly known as Eastern Pondoland while Amampondo aseNyandeni was known as Western Pondoland.

amaMpondo aseQaukeni great royal house (Eastern Pondoland)

This is the senior most royal house of AmamMpondo loctaed at Lusikisiki. The King is overall King of all Mpondo Kingdom and members bear the surname Sigcau. Prominent members Inlcude

King Faku

King Justice Mpondombini Sigcau

Princess Wezizwe
  • King Zanozuko Tyelovuyo Sigcau
    • Prince Yolisa Sigcau
    • Princess Emihle Sigcau
    • Princess Lona Sigcau
    • Prince Ayabulela Sigcau
    • Princess Nizole Azukiswe Sigcau

King Zanozuko Sigcau

Prince Yolisa Sigcau

AmaMpondo aseNyandeni Right royal house (western Pondoland)

AmaMpondo Nyandeni is a right royal house under the Qaukeni great royal house, formed by Ndamase, son of King Faku. It is based in Libode but has had autonomous sovereignity for several years with the title king. However Nhlapo Comission suggested that the head of the royal house to be Principal traditional leader henceforth. Members of this house bear the surname Ndamase.

  • King Ndamase I aah Mghakangqele! – son of King Faku

King Ndamase I

  • King Nkqwiliso Ndamase ahh Zakade!

King Nkqwiliso Ndamase

  • King Bokleni Ndamase aah Zwelibanzi!
  • King Mangangelizwe
  • King Mangeni
  • King Victor Poto Ndamase
    • King Tutor Nyangelizwe Ndamase
    • Princess Nolusapho Phumla Ndamase (married Chief Thandata Justice Mabandla of AmaBhele)

King Victor Poto Ndamase

  • King Tutor Nyangelizwe Ndamase
    • Married first princess Tandiwe Zulu, Married second Queen Gcinizizwe both had children
      • Crown Prince Makaziwe Ndamase (died before ascending the throne)
      • Princess Feziwe Ndamase later Queen Nondwe of Xhosa
      • Prince Phondolwendlovu Ndamase
        • Prince Mlimandela Ndamase
      • Princess Zwelicacile Ndamase
      • Princess Caciswa Ndamase
      • Princess Boniswa Ndamase
      • Princess Kanyiswa Ndamase

King Tutor Ndamase

King Ndamase II

Royal ceremonies

  • Mpondo Culture and Heritage Festival – It seeks to promote cultural diversity through sharing of Mpondo culture and heritage with other cultures from South Africa. It is held every september annually at Lwandlolubomvu Great Place, Ntabankulu; palace of the customary head Jongilanga Sigcau attended by various royals from allover south africa. September is important in Mpondo history as it was originally the Mpondo new year in the ancient Mpondo calendars
  • Coronation and anniversaries

Sources for more information

Xhosa Culture


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