King Justice Mpondombini Sigcau of Eastern amaMpondo aseQaukeni, South Africa.

Late King Justice Mpondombini sigcau was the king of the Mpondo Kingdom (aseQaukeni/Eastern Pondoland) from 1978 until his death in 2013. Born Crown Prince Thandizulu Sigcau, he was the son of the previous King Botha Sigcau ,brother to princess Stella Sigcau and prince Ntsikayezwe sigcau.

As per great royal wife tradition, In the 1970s King Mpondombini married the grand daughter of king Sobhuza II of Eswatini then Swaziland. His wife is Queen Lombekiso maSobhuza sigcau nee dlamini., daughter of Prince Makhungu Dlamini, son of King Sobhuza II.

Together they have two daughters Princess Wezizwe Sigcau (her fathers heir) and Princess Bekizwe Sigcau and grandson prince Jubezizweni kaMisuzulu Sigcau

In 2011 the Nhlapo commisiion appointed to solve traditional royal thrones disputes concluded that King Justice Mpondombini Sigcau was not the rightful King of amampondo. This was in regards to a 1930s dispute between brothers King Botha SIgcau and Prince Nelson Sigcau after passing of their brother King Mandlonke Sigcau. King Botha SIgcau is said to have been installed by the White Governor general over his brother Nelson.

President Zuma acted on this and installed King Zanozuko Sigcau ( grandson of Prince Nelson Sigcau) as the rightful King. This meant that King Mpondombini was to be dethroned, creating a huge crisis in the kingdom. Court cases have been filed in court to date.

After his death in 2013, his wife Queen Lombekiso was installed as regent. A succession dispute arose due to lack of a male heir. The king had proposed his eldest daughter Prrincess Wezizwe Sigacu as hi s heir but the royal council were against female succession thus his nephew King Zanozuko Sigcau was installed as king. The matter is however in court as of 2022

The amaMpondo are an ethnic group that inhabits South Africa. They are grouped into two kingdoms, the amaMpondo aseQaukeni and amaMpondo aseNyandeni. The eastern amaMpondo or aseQaukeni kingdom is ruled by the sigcau branch while the western is ruled by the ndamase branch. The aseQaukeni is the main and founding housE However the asQaukeni King is the overall King of Mpondo Kingdom.

Here are a few pictures of family

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