Uganda Royal Weddings

Uganda is a country in East Africa rich in Royal culture historically linked to many kingdoms that exists todate as subnational ethnic Monarchies. See here – Kings in Uganda

Royal Weddings among these Kingdoms are seen as signs of continuation of the Monarchy which in most cases follow a patrilineal succession to the throne. Below are the Major royal Weddings in Uganda

Buganda Royal Weddings

Kabaka (King) Mutebi II Ronald Muwenda of Buganda kingdom and Nnabagereka (Queen) Sylvia Nagginda Luswata in 1999 at Namirembe Cathedral at a wedding termed greatest in the century. His late Father had married in 1948. Royal guests included :

  • HM King /Omukama Solomon Iguru i of Bunyoro kitara kingdom, Uganda (Black coat)
  • HM King/Omukama Oyo Rukidi iv of Toro Kingdom, Uganda (young boy)
  • HM Queen mother Best Kemigisa of Toro Kingdom, Uganda (behind her young son)
  • HRH Princess Ruth Komuntale of Toro Kingdom, Uganda (pink dress)
  • HM King /Omugabe John Barigye of Ankole kingdom, Uganda (black full suit)
  • HM Queen Denise Barigye of Ankole kingdom, Uganda (next to King of Ankole)
  • HM King Goodwill Zwelithini of Zulu kingdom, South Africa (leopard attire)
  • HM Queen Thandekile Ndlovu Zulu of Zulu kingdom, South Africa (red and zulu crown)
  • HRH senior prince Matsitsela Dlamini of Eswatini (far right)
  • HRH Princess Nnalinya Omumbejja Catherine Agnes Nabaloga, Lubuga of Buganda kingdom, Uganda (far left next to the red priest)
  • President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and First Lady

Photos; Courtesy

Prince (Omulangira) David Kintu Wasajja of Buganda (king’s brother) and Marion Elizabeth Nankya in 2013

Photos by Ronald Kabuubi/KM

Kabaka (King) Sir Muteesa II Edward Frederick of Buganda kingdom and his official wife Queen(Nnabagereka) Damali Kisosonkole in 1948

Photos: courtesy, Derek R Peterson

Kabaka (King) Daudi Chwa II of Buganda kingdom and Lady Irene Drusilla Namaganda 1914

Photo taken in 1915

Bunyoro Kitara Royal Wedding 2002

Omukama (King) Dr Solomon Gabafusa Iguru I of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom and Queen (Omugo) Margaret Adyeeri Karunga on August 24th 2002. Royal Guests included

  • HM King/Omukama Oyo Rukidi IV of Toro Kingdom, Uganda (young boy)
  • HM Queen mother Best Kemigisa of Toro Kingdom, Uganda
  • HRH Princess Ruth Komuntale of Toro Kingdom, Uganda
  • President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda

Photos: courtesy

Rwenzururu Royal Wedding 2007

Omusinga (King) Charles Mumbere Irema ngoma I of Rwenzururu kingdom and Queen (Nyabaghole) Agnes Ithungu in October 20th 2007

Photos; Alamy

Kooki Royal Wedding 2010

Kamuswaga (monarch) Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli II of Kooki  and Queen (Omugo) Rebecca Tulituuka in 2010

Photos: courtesy

Tooro Royal Weddings

Omukama (King) Oyo Rukidi III of Tooro Kingdom is not yet married but his sister Batebe/co-heiress Princess Ruth Komuntale married Phillip Farquharson in 2021

Photos: courtesy

Omukama (King) Rukidi III George of Tooro kingdom and Lady Kezia Byanjeru Abwooli in 1930

Photo: courtesy

BuSoga Royal Weddings

King (Isebantu Kyabazinga) William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV of BuSoga kingdom, Uganda and Queen (Inhebantu) Jovia Mutesi in 2023. Its the first BuSoga Royal wedding since 1956 when last King Henry Wako Muloki married and fourth queen consort of BuSoga since 2005 since the last Queen Alice Muloki died. Royal Guests included:

  • Queen (Omugo) Margaret Adyeeri Karunga of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Uganda
  • Queen Mother (Omujwera Omugo nyina Omukama) Best Kemigisa of Tooro Kingdom, Uganda
  • Queen (Nnabagereka) Sylvia Nagginda of Buganda Kingdom, Uganda
  • King (Ubimu) Phillip Rauni Olarker of Alur people
  • King (Rwot) David Acana II of Acholi people
  • King (Ikumbania) Geoffrey Wayabire of Bugwere people
  • King Umukuuka III of Bamaasaba people, Uganda and wife
  • Prince Sicalo Dlamini and Prince Bandzile Dlamini of the Kingdom of eSwatini

Photos; Francis Isano

Kyabazinga Isebantu (King) Henry Wako Muloki of BuSoga kingdom and Inhebantu (Queen) Alice Muloki in 1956. Kabaka Muteesa II of Buganda was his bestman

Photos: courtesy

Ankole Royal Wedding

Prince Alex Kahaya Barigye of Ankole kingdom in 2023

Photos: courtesy

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