Buganda Royal Tiaras and Crowns

Buganda kingdom is traditional historic monarchy of the Baganda people, found in present day Uganda. It is ruled by the Kabaka (King) who has a Queen (Nnabagereka) by his side.

King’s Crowns

The Kabaka or King has a range of three crowns which he occasionaly uses depending on the royal occasion at hand.

Coronation Crowns

36th King (Kabaka) Mutebi II Ronald Muwenda was crowned in 1993 twice whereby two different crowns were used. The first crowning which involves traditional royal rites is at the Naggalabi Buddo Coronation site. This crown is also used during coronation anniversaries.

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The second crowning with a gold crown is done religiously by the bishop of the Anglican church of Uganda. This crown was first seen on late Kabaka Freddie Mutesa II and is said to be a gift from the british government made by Garrards Jewellers. Others say it was made in Saudi Arabia. Kabaka Mutebi II wears it during Buganda parliament (Lukiiko) proceedings.

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Wedding Crown

Kabaka Mutebi II wore a magnificent jeweled crown and cloak for his royal wedding in 1999 to Sylvia Nagginda. It has never been publicly worn again.

Kabaka Daudi Chwa Crown

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II is famously known as the boy King of Buganda due to his ascension to the throne at the age of one. He started the tradition of wearing modern crowns.

Queen Sylvia Nagginda Tiaras

Queen (Nnabagereka) Sylvia Nagginda is the wife to King (Kabaka) Mutebi II Ronald Muwenda of Buganda Kingdom, Uganda. She married the King in 1999 attended by various African royals and guests. Since her wedding day she has been spotted wearing three tiaras which are private purchases.

Wedding Tiara

Queen Sylvia Nagginda wedding Tiara was first seen during her wedding to the King in 1999. She wore it with her Gomesi styled wedding gown. The provinence is not known but it was likely bought for the queen for her wedding. She has continued wearing the tiara on special ocassions and official photoshoots.

Queen Sylvia Nagginda Tiara

This tiara is modelled with motifs of the african shield which also represents the coat of arms of Buganda kingdom.

Flower Pearl Tiara

Queen Sylvia Nagginda was photographed with a small tiara during her early years of marriage. The tiara has flower motifs and pearls.

Queen Lady Damali Kisosonkole Tiara

Queen (Nnabagereka) Lady Damali Kisosonkole was the first wife and consort to King (Kabaka) Mutesa II. She also served as the very first first lady of Uganda as a republic when her husband became the First president of Uganda until his overthrow by Milton Obote. She died in 2010. As Queen she wore a simple tiara designed with inverted triangles with hanging diamond drops inside.

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