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Buganda kingdom is a traditional or subanational monarchy of the Baganda people of Uganda which has existed since the 13th century when it was founded by Kintu. Among others it is recognised in the Ugandan constitution as a cultural institution and is the largest Kingdom in Uganda centred around Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The BaGanda people are a bantu speaking tribe currently numbered at around 14 million making them the largest tribe in Uganda at 16%. There were at least 56 recognized clans within the kingdom. Buganda is famous for its staple food, Matooke(Bananas), Luganda Dance and the Barkcloth(Lubugo) made from the Mutuba tree way before european civilization.

Royal Titles

  • King – Kabaka
  • King’s royal sister – Lubuga/Nnalinya. She is installed with the king as co-heiress to the throne, advisor and second in command. After her brother King dies she is incharge of his royal tomb
  • Queen – Nnaabagereka
  • Queen Mother ( King’s mother) – Namasole
  • Prince – Omulangira (means male royal member)
  • Princess – Omumbejja (means female royal member)
  • Royal Clan – Olulyo Olulangira
  • Clan Chief – Omutaka
  • Prime minister – Katiikkiro
  • Parliament – Lukiiko
  • Parliament Building – Bulange
  • Palace – Lubiri

Kings of Buganda

The Kabaka/King reigns with his sister Lubuga/Nnalinya who is installed with the king as co-heiress to the throne and advisor during his coronation. After her brother King dies she is incharge of his royal tomb. There have been 36 kings and 36 Lubugas

  • 1 Kabaka Kato Kintu, early fourteenth century
  • 2 Kabaka Chwa I, mid fourteenth century
  • 3 Kabaka Kimera, c. 1374–c. 1404
  • 4 Kabaka Ttembo, c. 1404–c. 1434
  • 5 Kabaka Kiggala, c. 1434–c. 1464 and c. 1484–c. 1494
  • 6 Kabaka Kiyimba, c. 1464–c. 1484
  • 7 Kabaka Kayima, c. 1494–c. 1524
  • 8 Kabaka Nakibinge, c. 1524–c. 1554
  • 9 Kabaka Mulondo, c. 1555–1564
  • 10 Kabaka Jemba, c. 1564–c. 1584
  • 11 Kabaka Suuna I, c. 1584–c. 1614
  • 12 Kabaka Sekamaanya, c. 1614–c. 1634
  • 13 Kabaka Kimbugwe, c. 1634–c. 1644
  • 14 Kabaka Kateregga, c. 1644–c. 1674
  • 15 Kabaka Mutebi I, c. 1674–c. 1680
  • 16 Kabaka Juuko, c. 1680–c. 1690
  • 17 Kabaka Kayemba, c. 1690–c. 1704
  • 18 Kabaka Tebandeke, c. 1704–c. 1724
  • 19 Kabaka Ndawula, c. 1724–c. 1734
  • 20 Kabaka Kagulu, c. 1734–c. 1736
  • 21 Kabaka Kikulwe, c. 1736–c. 1738
  • 22 Kabaka Mawanda, c. 1738–c. 1740
  • 23 Kabaka Ndugwa I, c. 1740–c. 1741
  • 24 Kabaka Namuggala, c. 1741–c. 1750
  • 25 Kabaka Kyabaggu, c. 1750–c. 1780
  • 26 Kabaka Jjunju, c. 1780–c. 1797
  • 27 Kabaka Semakookiro, c. 1797–c. 1814
  • 28 Kabaka Kamaanya, 1814–1832
  • 29 Kabaka Suuna II, 1832–1856
  • 30 Kabaka Muteesa I, 1856–1884
  • 31 Kabaka Mwanga II, 1884–1888 and 1889–1897
  • 32 Kabaka Kiweewa, 1888
  • 33 Kabaka Kalema, 1888–1889
  • 34 Kabaka Daudi Chwa II, 1897–1939
  • 35 Kabaka Mutesa II, 1939–1967 (abolition) or 1969 (death)
    • Interregnum; Monarchy abolished under the 1967 by milton Obote and reinstated in 1993 by Yoweri Museveni
  • 36 Kabaka Mutebi II Ronald Muwenda, 1993–present

Kabaka or King Mutebi II Ronald Muwenda of Buganda kingdom is the current 36th reigning monarch or King of Buganda kingdom, Uganda. Buganda kingdom is a traditional or subanational monarchy of the Baganda people of Uganda. Among others it is recognised in the Ugandan constitution as a cultural institution. Kabaka Mutebi II is the most prominent tradition King in Uganda.

Born in 1955, he is the son of late Kabaka (King) Mutesa II Frederick of Buganda who was also the first president of Uganda before being overthrown by prime minister Milton Obote. His mother was Lady Sarah kisosonkole, a favourite of his father’s many wives. His mother was also thhe younger sister of the official Queen (Nnabagereka) Damali Kisosonkole Kabaka Mutebi II attended his education in both Uganda and the United Kingdom and worked in the communication and journalism sector.

He was named heir aged 11 in 1966 which was confirmed in his late father’s will when he died in 1969. He succeeded as king but was officially crowned in 1993 in Buganda, Uganda alongside his sister Princess Catherine Nabaloga who serves as Lubuga/co advisor. See coronation link – Coronation

Lubuga(Princess Coheiress) of Buganda

Libuga or Nnalinya is the second highest royal position in Buganda Kingdom. This royal title is held by the Kings sister who is installed alongside the king as his co-heiress to the throne during his coronation. Her roles are similar to that of a regent or advisor to the king. She also serves second in line in the royal hierarchy and After her brother King dies she is incharge of his royal tomb. Her title has been likened in english as Queen sister/Kings royal sister/ Princess royal.

HRH Lubuga/Princess co-heiress Dr Catherine Agnes Nabaloga of Buganda Kingdom, Uganda is the cuurent Lubuga since 1993. She is the sister to HM King/Kabaka Mutebi II and daughter of late HM King /Kabaka Mutesa II. She holds a doctorate philosophy degree in linguistics. She holds the title Omumbejja which means Princess, Nnalinya which means royal sister and Lubuga the King’s royal sister. She accompanies the king in all royal events

Royal Wedding and Family

In 1999 27th August, Kabaka Mutebi II married Lady Sylvia Nagginda later Queen (Nnabagereka) Sylvia Nagginda at Namirembe cathedral at a royal wedding termed Uganda’s largest event that year. Royal guests included :

  • HM King /Omukama Solomon Iguru i of Bunyoro kitara kingdom, Uganda (Black coat)
  • HM King/Omukama Oyo Rukidi iv of Toro Kingdom, Uganda (young boy)
  • HM Queen mother Best Kemigisa of Toro Kingdom, Uganda (behind her young son)
  • HRH Princess Ruth Komuntale of Toro Kingdom, Uganda (pink dress)
  • HM King /Omugabe John Barigye of Ankole kingdom, Uganda (black full suit)
  • HM Queen Denise Barigye of Ankole kingdom, Uganda (next to King of Ankole)
  • HM King Goodwill Zwelithini of Zulu kingdom, South Africa (leopard attire)
  • HM Queen Thandekile Ndlovu Zulu of Zulu kingdom, South Africa (red and zulu crown)
  • HRH senior prince Matsitsela Dlamini of Eswatini (far right)
  • HRH Princess Nnalinya Omumbejja Catherine Agnes Nabaloga, Lubuga of Buganda kingdom, Uganda (far left next to the red priest)
  • Among others

Together they have a daughter Princess Katrina Sarah Ssangalyambogo and four other step children from the King. Despite having only one wife, the king according to Buganda culture is allowed to sire children from different clans of the Kingdom. The children include

  • Prince Jjuuju Krispin Suuna (holds title Kiweewa as first son and will become head of royal house but never King)
  • Princess (omumbejja) Victoria Nkinzi (also holds the title Nnalinya)
  • Princess (omumbejja) Joan Nassolo
  • Princess (omumbejja) Katrina Sarah Ssangalyambogo
  • Prince (omulangira) Richard Ssemakookiro (current crown Prince)

The Queen lived in the United States for several years before getting married to Kabaka Mutebi II where she earned her Associates Degree with Honours from City University of New York, a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University and a Master of Arts degree, with Distinction, from New York Institute of Technology. Sylvia gained most of her professional experience in the United States. She worked as a Research Consultant at the United Nations headquarters. She supports various kingdom charities and events through her foundation, Nnaabagereka Development Foundation(2000) that supports the children, youth and women in Uganda and patnerships with UNDP among others

Royal Role

The Kabaka serves as the Head of Kingdom/state, his roles are majorly cultural and confined to the buganda kingdom but highly influential. He opens the buganda parliament also known as lukiiko which has a prime minister, budget and different sitting members to oversee the running of the Kingdom and its various investments. It is a very independent structure.

Kabaka Mutebi II is also involved in various humanitarian and cultural causes in his kingdom through Kabaka Foundation such as the kabaka annual birthday run which supports eradciating HIVAIDS, supporting local communities, education, health, sports etc. The king is UNAIDS Goodwill ambassador for HIV and Aids eradication

Buganda Kingdom organisation

Buganda is a traditional Kingdom inside Uganda but has its own parliament, cabinet, ministers, investments, King Muteesa university etc giving it a kind of autonomous governance. The Kabaka as head of kingdom opens parliament(Lukiiko) every year at Bulange(parliament building) in which diferrent development plans for the kingdom are discussed. The Lukiiko is charged with legislating by-laws of the kingdom, but is not allowed by the state government to legislate political matters. The membership of the Lukiiko consists of directly-elected members from Buganda counties, Buganda county chiefs, members appointed by the Kabaka, and Buganda cabinet ministers.

  • Kabaka – King, head of Kingdom
  • Cabinet Ministers
    • Katikkiro – Head of government
    • Speaker
      • Deputy speaker of the Great Buganda Lukiiko
    • The Kingdom Attorney General / Minister for Local Government
    • Minister for Lukiiko, Information; Cabinet Affairs, Protocol and the Official Kingdom Spokesperson
    • Minister for the Kingdom Special Assignments
    • Minister for Social Services and Office of the Nnaabagereka
    • Minister for Agriculture; Land; Trade, Cooperatives & Environment
    • Minister for Youth, Sports and Recreation
    • Minister for Culture, Tourism and Palaces
    • Minister of State for Local Government & The King’s Official Tours
  • Massaza Chiefs
  • Kabaka’s Representatives
  • Representatives from outside Buganda
  • Representatives from Counties
  • Youth Representatives
  • Representatives of different categories (Professionals)
  • Representatives from other Communities in Buganda

Buganda Royal Jewels

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Royal sites to visit

  • Mengo Palace/Lubiri – Official residence of the King at Kampala
  • Kabaka Lake – Covering 173m wide at the Northern end, 291m at the southern shower, this is Africa’s largest hand-dug lake. With an objective of linking Mengo Palace to L.Victoria, this lake was quarried on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga II in 1886
  • Naggalabi Buddo Coronation Site – coronation site of Kabaka/King
  • Kasubi Royal Tombs – Mausoleum burial grounds for the last 4 Kings of Buganda. It is a UNESCO World heritage site
  • Bulange – Royal parliament that houses the Lukiiko/parliament of Buganda kingdom where chiefs sit to discuss matters of the kingdom

Buganda Royal Palaces

  • Mengo Palace or Lubiri is the official royal residence of King or Kabaka of Buganda kingdom, Uganda since 1885. The current modern building was built in 1920s to repalace the traditional palace located at mengo hill. However it was destroyed during the mengo war and used as barracks beetween 1966-1997 when Milton obote and idi amin forces overthrew the first president of Uganda who was also King or Kabaka Mutesa ii of Buganda. It has fully been restored. On the palace grounds are the underground chambers which idi amin turned into torture chambers. Also the Rolls royce used by the late King and burnt by idi amin can be seen here.
  • Banda Palace is a private royal residence of HM King (Kabaka) Mutebi ii Ronald Muwenda of Buganda kingdom, Uganda. He built it in 1993 after his coronation from land he had inherited from his late maternal grand father. It is located in Banda estate and is not open to the public
  • Saalama Palace is a private royal residence of the buganda royal family, Uganda. It was built in 1934 by King Kabaka Daudi Chwa ii, grandfather of the current King. It was inherited by his eldest son Prince Kiweewa George Mawanda Chwa who didn’t become king as it is tradition. His descendants reside here today. It can be visited with permission
  • Kireka Palace is a private royal residence of HM King (Kabaka) Mutebi ii Ronald Muwenda of Buganda kingdom, Uganda. He built it in 1993 after his coronation from land he had inherited from his late mother lady Sarah Kisosonkole. It contains the private offices of the King, Queen and staff
  • Nkoni Palace is a private royal residence ofthe King of Buganda kingdom, Uganda. This palace was built in 1955 by the people of Buddu and was presented to their King late Kabaka Mutesa ii after his return from exile. Currently his son is king Kabaka Mutebi ii Ronald Muwenda. It was recently refurbished
  • Baamunaanika Palace is a private royal residence of the buganda royal family, Uganda.It was built in 1934 by King Kabaka Daudi Chwa ii, grandfather of the current King. The Palace is located on Baamunaanika estate at Baamunaanika, Bulemeezi county in Luweero. Kabaka Mutebi II accedded to the throne here on 31 March 1971

  • Lukunyu Palace is an unoccupied palace of the King or Kabaka of Buganda kingdom, Uganda. The 48 acre land residence was the beloved private residence of late King Kabaka Mutesa ii, first president of Uganda. It is located in an island on lake Victoria. It is under renovation by his son the current King or Kabaka Mutebi ii Ronald Muwenda of Buganda kingdom, Uganda.

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