Traditional Kings of Uganda || Tribal kingdoms of Uganda

The many Traditional King and Chiefs in Uganda.....

Elegushi Royal family, Nigeria

The Elegushi royal family or dynasty is the reigning family of the Ikate kingdom sometimes called Ikate Elegushi kingdom presently found in Nigeria. It is a traditional kingdom in Lagos state that is recognised by the Nigerian government. Their monarch is called Elegushi which means King with their current being Oba Saheed Elegushi Kunsela III.... Continue Reading →

Paramount Chiefs/Kings of Botswana

Botswana is a made of 8 principal or major tribes or ethnic groups that are headed by a monarch today called a paramount chief (kgosi) who were initially kings before the colonial era. They include:.....

Sultan of Warsangeli sultanate, Somalia

Warsangeli Sultanate or kingdom was a monarchical government that was created by the Warsangeli clan in the 13th century. It is one of the few Sultanates that survived until the colonial period. The Warsangeli clan is part of the larger Darod somali clan and today exists as a traditional entity but with significant hidden influence... Continue Reading →

Traditional Kings/Chiefs of Gabon

Gabon is a small country located in central Africa bordering the Atlantic ocean. Gabon is known to have a small population of just 1.8 million. However, it is rich in 45 ethnic groups headed by various monarchs. Formerly called Kings, after colonization most are now referred to as Chiefs. There were traditional monarchs like the Orungu Agonwimboni, the... Continue Reading →

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