Bakgatla kings of Botswana and South Africa

BaKgatla are a Tswana group currently inhabiting parts of southern Africa majorly Botswana and South Africa. They are divided into many group each with their own monarch....

Paramount Chiefs of Botswana

Botswana is a made of 8 principal or major tribes or ethnic groups that are headed by a monarch today called a paramount chief (kgosi) who were initially kings before the colonial era. They include: BaMangwatoBaKoena / BaKwenaBaTlokwaBaNgakwetse BaRolongBalete / BaMaleteBaTawana BaKagtla National House of Chiefs / Ntlo ya Dikgosi (Botswana ) is an advisory... Continue Reading →

African royals at the British coronation 1953

Did you know that African Kings and Queens, patamount chiefs, sultans etc were invited to the British coronation? It is commonly known that European royals were mostly the attendees of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth ii of UK in 1953. Despite low coverage of our african royals (probably the English media didn't know who they... Continue Reading →

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