Burundi Royal Family

The Burundi royal family is the reigning family of Burundi as a monarchy before it was abolished in 1966. The royal family are considered to be of Ganwa and not neither Hutu or Tutsi ethnic groups. The Kingdom of Burundi began in the 1500s century until 1966 when it was abolished by the government of... Continue Reading →

Giovanie Biha, Princess of Burundi

Princess Giovanie Biha, daughter of Prince (Muganwa) Leopold Biha, first minister under the Kingdom of Burundi 1965.She is the highest UN diplomat from Burundi after being selected deputy special representative for West Africa and sahel UNOWAS. She holds a masters degree in economics  and previously held various positions under United Nations development programme, UN women,... Continue Reading →

Queen Baramparaye of Burundi

Queen Baramparaye was the last both Queen consort and Queen mother of Burundi. Born in 1929, she married her husband late King Mwambutsa iv of Burundi in 1946 at the young age of 18 as his second wife. Mwabutsa iv was firstly married to Queen Therese Kanyonga who he divorced later. Queen Baramparaye and King... Continue Reading →

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