Africa’s youngest King -Fon Fue Nghaper II of Baba 1 village, Cameroon

Meet the youngest traditional ruler in Cameroon and Africa, His Royal Highness Fon Fue Nghaper II of Baba1 Village. He is a nine-year old primary 4 pupil. He succeeded his father Fon Fuekemshi II who joined his ancestors on May 2, 2023. He was crowned Fon of Baba1 village on Friday May 12, 2023.

Sultan of Bamoun, Cameroon

Bamoun (Bamun) people are an ethnic group currently inhabiting Cameroon. They formerly existed as a monarchical nation called kingdom of Bamun ruled by kings or sultans. Today the monarch of the Bamoun still exist but only as a traditional entity, however they hold immense unseen power with their people. His traditional title is Nfon which... Continue Reading →

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