First female royal Chief Nwamitwa II of Valoyi, South Africa

HRH Chief (Hosi) Tinyiko Lwandlamuni Philia Nwamitwa II is the current Chief or Hosi of Valoyi (Nwamitwa) traditional authority of Valoyi clan, South Africa. The Valoyi are a clan of the larger Tsonga people who are largely organised into clan chiefdoms and not kingdoms. She changed history as the first female chief challenged the male... Continue Reading →

Traditional Kings and Chiefs of Zambia

The Government of Zambia recognizes 4 Paramount chiefs, 43 Senior chiefs and 241 Chiefs. Their royal titles differ with the four most senior ones being called Kings or Paramount chiefs. Traditional entities are recognized by Government with representatives seating in the House of Chiefs under the constitution. Membership is 50 members from the 10 provinces... Continue Reading →

Tanzania chiefs and monarchs (Machifu wa Tanzania)

Tanganyika as it was called over 50 years ago had monarchs, kings, sultans and chiefs ruling the many different tribal communities. These royal dynasties and royal families have existed for centuries and held immense power and influence among their people. Remember they were the negotiators who signed treaties with the colonialists as the heads of... Continue Reading →

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