King (Mwami) Naluhwindja Tony Chibwire V of Luhwindja, DRC Congo

Mwami (King) Naluhwindja Tony Chibwire V is the reigning traditional monarch of the Luhwindja kingdom today found in Democratic Republic of Congo. Born in 1990,he succeded his late father in 2001 being crowned at a young age of 10/11. Luhwindja or chefferie de Luhwindja as it is commonly referred in Congo is a traditional monarchy... Continue Reading →

Traditional Kings and leaders in Congo.

Traditional kings, chiefs and leaders are the epitome of tribal and cultural leadership and development in many parts of Africa. This includes Democratic Republic of Congo who still have their royal leaders after abolition of their states during colonial period. The government of DRC however recognises these kings and chiefs in their constitution under the... Continue Reading →

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