African royals at the British coronation 1953

Did you know that African Kings and Queens, patamount chiefs, sultans etc were invited to the British coronation? It is commonly known that European royals were mostly the attendees of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth ii of UK in 1953. Despite low coverage of our african royals (probably the English media didn't know who they... Continue Reading →

Coronation of the 15th Emir of Kano, Nigeria

Emir Alhaji Dr Aminu Ado Bayero has been turbaned or crowned as the 15th Emir (sarkin) of Kano Emirate, Nigeria. The official crowning moment of the four day coronation was held at the Sani abacha stadium on 3rd Saturday, attended by the public and many Nigerian monarchs. Nigerian monarchs included HM Oba of Benin kingdomHM... Continue Reading →

Zulu King 49th coronation anniversary

Today marks 49th coronation anniversary of HM King Goodwill Zwelithini of Zulu kingdom, South Africa.  He was crowned as the eighth monarch in 1971 December 3rd succeeding his late father King Cyprian Bhekuzulu. The coronation came after his first marriage to Queen Sibongile Winfred Dlamini Zulu. Today the King commemorated the anniversary in a small... Continue Reading →

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