King Sobhuza ii, Princess Ncengencenge Dlamini and Prince Mcwasho Dlamini of Eswatini birthday

Triple birthday celebrations for three Eswatini royals all born on 22 July. Happy 122nd birthday to late HM Sobhuza ii of Eswatini then Swaziland. The late King was born in 1899 and became one of the greatest King of the swazi kingdom. He is the longest reigning King in the world reigning for 82 years... Continue Reading →

Eswatini Royal Family || Monarchy of Eswatini

The Kingdom of Eswatini formerly Swaziland is a small country in southern Africa region that is considered the only absolute monarchy left in Africa. The country now derives its name from a later king named Mswati II. Mswati II was the greatest of the fighting kings of Eswatini. It is popular with tourists who flock the... Continue Reading →


Incwala Festival 📸by Daniel Toro This is Eswatini’s most important cultural event. A ceremony that has lasted for hundreds of years, it is one of the last remaining examples of what was previously common practice in many African countries. It has a spiritual power that is largely lost on outsiders, and indeed many of its... Continue Reading →

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