African royals at the British coronations 1953 and 2023

African royals at the British coronations 2023, 1953, 1911, 1902

Okuapehene of Akuapem, Ghana

Okuapehene of Akuapem traditional area (Okuapeman), Ghana Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III is the current monarch (Okuapehene) of Akuapem, Eastern region, Ghana. Photo : Okuapehene palace The 34 year old became the youngest paramount chief in the eastern region after his coronation in 3rd May 2020. Photo : Okuapehene palace He left USA back to Ghana... Continue Reading →

Paramount chief of Mankessim, Ghana

Mankessim town was the capital of the mankessim kingdom and the heartland of the Fante people of Ghana. Mankessim kingdom existed from 1252-1844. Mankessim is still the traditional headquarters of the Fante people of Ghana. HM Paramount chief or monarch (omanhene) Omanhene Osagyefo Amanfo Edu iv of Mankessim traditional area, Fante ethnic group of Ghana.... Continue Reading →

Togbe Osei iii of Godenu, Ghana

Togbe (Divisional chief or traditional ruler) Osei iii of Godenu, Ghana.He was selected for the throne in 2002 succeeding his late grandfather.The traditional ruler has previously served in the ghana education service and Ghana police service before taking the role of leadership.

King of Gonja people of Ghana

Gonja people are an ethnic group that currently inhabits savannah region. The ethnic group is mainy foiund in northern Ghana. They founded gonja kingdom which has existed for centuries and has had many monarchs. Yagbongwura Sumaila Ndewura Jakpa (founder)Yagbongwura Limu.Yagbongwura LanyonYagbongwura Abbas’sYagbongwura Mahama LabayiruYagbongwura KakangaYagbongwura SafuYagbongwura KaliYagbongwura JakpaYagbongwura NyantachiYagbongwura JiauYagbongwura KpirkuYagbongwura KurbangYagbongwura PontoŋproŋYagbongwura LanyonYagbongwura Mahama... Continue Reading →

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