Bakgatla kings of Botswana and South Africa

BaKgatla are a Tswana group currently inhabiting parts of southern Africa majorly Botswana and South Africa. They are divided into many group each with their own monarch....

Oba of Benin and his wives

Benin kingdom or empire is currently a traditional kingdom located in Nigeria. It is mainly inhabited by the Edo people and has existed since the precolonial days being referred in history as one of the most powerful empires in West Africa. It is also famous for its bronze sculptures and artwork that shocked the colonialists... Continue Reading →

Lesotho Royal Family

Lesotho royal family is the current reigning family for the kingdom of Lesotho formerly called Basutoland. They are members of the Moshoeshoe dynasty names after the first king who consolidated clans into what today is called Lesotho (Land of BaSotho). The Moshoeshoe dynasty is huge with several members and descendants. Royal Archives Lesotho Wikipedia CommonsRoyal... Continue Reading →

AbaThembu Royal Family, South Africa

AbaThembu Royal Family is the reigning royal family or the house of amaDlomo of the abaThembu or Thembu people of South Africa. AbaThembu have been ruled by a lineage of kings since precolonial days. Today two kingdoms exist, abaThembu Kingdom at Bumbane great place, Mthatha and western Thembuland. However the abaThembu at Bumbane are more... Continue Reading →

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