Decorated lieutenant colonel King Nzolameso Antonio of Bambata or Zombo kingdom of Angola has passed away

King Nzolameso Antonio of Bambata or Zombo kingdom, Angola who was also a decorated lieutenant colonel in the Angolan armed forces has passed away.

Bambata /Zombo Kingdom, Angola

Bambata (mbata) or Zombo kingdom is one of the Kingdoms under the larger kingdom of the Kongo. It is today a traditional kingdom located in the country of Angola. The late King of Bambata or Zombo was King Nzolameso Antonio of Bambata (mbata) or Zombo kingdom, Angola. He is a Angolan decorated lieutenant colonel who... Continue Reading →

Kings and Sultans of Somalia and Somaliland region

Somalia region which includes Somalia and the self independence states of Somaliland and Puntland were divided into various tribal or clan monarchies before colonization. However they still exist today mainly as traditional leaders of their various clans and tribes. This post focuses on currently reigning traditional monarchs in Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland SULTAN OF WARSANGALI... Continue Reading →

Traditional Kings and leaders in Congo.

Traditional kings, chiefs and leaders are the epitome of tribal and cultural leadership and development in many parts of Africa. This includes Democratic Republic of Congo who still have their royal leaders after abolition of their states during colonial period. The government of DRC however recognises these kings and chiefs in their constitution under the... Continue Reading →

Sakalava kingdoms of Madagascar

Sakalava are an ethnic group of Madagascar. They were organised into different tribal monarchies headed by different dynasties. Particularly of interest is that they allowed female succession, with some kingdoms being ruled by only women. The Sakalava kingdoms included Sakalava Bemihisatra of Nosy BeSakalava Bemihisatra of AnalalavaSakalava Bemazava /Nosy FalySakalava Menabe Sakalava Menabe Late Princess... Continue Reading →

Sultan of Darfur, Fur people of Sudan

The Sultanate of Darfur today located in Sudan. It existed from 1603 until 1916 when the British dismantled it and incorporated it into its colony. One its famous sultans was sultan Ali Dinar who died fighting for his Sultanate against the British. Sultan Ali Dinar A prince of Darfur, the son of Sultan Ali Dinar... Continue Reading →

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