African Royals at the Japan enthronement ceremony of Emperor Naruhito

21 October 2019 was the official date for the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Naruhito and empress Masako of Japan. Over 2000 world dignitaries gathered for the event among them royals from Europe, asia, oceania and our very own Africa. Here are some pictures of King and queen of Lesotho, Eswatini and prince of Morocco TM... Continue Reading →

Lesotho Royal Family || Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

Lesotho royal family is the current reigning family for the kingdom of Lesotho formerly called Basutoland. They are members of the Moshoeshoe dynasty names after the first king who consolidated clans into what today is called Lesotho (Land of BaSotho). The Moshoeshoe dynasty is huge with several members and descendants......

Lesotho Royal Tiaras and Crowns

The Lesotho royal family is the reigning royal family of the Kingdom of Lesotho. They are descendants of the King Moshoeshoe I, who consolidated various clans into the modern Basotho nation. The royal family have a few western style head pieces and Basotho style headpieces worn by members of the royal family at either weddings,... Continue Reading →

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