Traditional Kings of Madagascar || Ampanjaka

Did you know that Madagascar still has tribal kings to date? Yes, Madagascar has many tribal kings who rule te various ethnic groups around the country. Madagascar now a republic was previously a Kingdom controlled by the Merina Kings and Queens until its abolition in 1897 by the colonial french. However other tribes still had their own kingdoms despite rule by the Merina kings and queens. Today most kings are locally called Mpanjaka(King).........

Sakalava kingdoms of Madagascar

Sakalava are an ethnic group of Madagascar. They were organised into different tribal monarchies headed by different dynasties. Particularly of interest is that they allowed female succession, with some kingdoms being ruled by only women. The Sakalava kingdoms included Sakalava Bemihisatra of Nosy Be Sakalava Bemihisatra of Analalava Sakalava Bemazava /Nosy Faly Sakalava Menabe Sakalava... Continue Reading →

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