African royals at the British coronations 1953 and 2023

On 5th May Royals from allover the world arrived in the United Kingdom to attend the coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023. They alongside presidents, Prime ministers, foreign ministers etc. were received at the Buckingham Palace on 5th May by King Charles III in preparation for the coronation the next day. 4... Continue Reading →

Princess Lalla Hasna of Morocco

Happy 53rd birthday to HRH Princess Lalla Hasna of Morocco. She is the youngest daughter of late HM King Hassan ii of Morocco and is the youngest sister to current King Mohammed vi of Morocco, Princess lalla Meryem, Princess lalla Asmae aand Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco. The princess is married to Dr Khalid Benharbit... Continue Reading →

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