Alaafin Lamidi Adeyemi III of Oyo, Nigeria and his wives

HM Alaafin Lamidi Adeyemi III of Oyo, Nigeria turns 83

Elegushi Royal family, Nigeria

The Elegushi royal family or dynasty is the reigning family of the Ikate kingdom sometimes called Ikate Elegushi kingdom presently found in Nigeria. It is a traditional kingdom in Lagos state that is recognised by the Nigerian government. Their monarch is called Elegushi which means King with their current being Oba Saheed Elegushi Kunsela iii.... Continue Reading →

Oba of Benin and his wives

Benin kingdom or empire is currently a traditional kingdom located in Nigeria. It is mainly inhabited by the Edo people and has existed since the precolonial days being referred in history as one of the most powerful empires in West Africa. It is also famous for its bronze sculptures and artwork that shocked the colonialists... Continue Reading →

Princess Taibat Adeyemi of Oyo, Nigeria

Happy birthday to HRH Princess Taibat Adeyemi of Oyo, Nigeria.She is the 4th child of HM Alaafin (King) Lamidi iii Adeyemi of Oyo, Nigeria and his second wife Queen (Ayaba) Ramat Adeyemi. Princess Taibat Adeyemi and her parents. 📷: Biyi Adeleke photography She served as the former immediate commissioner of commerce in Oyo state government,... Continue Reading →

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