Princess Leopoldine Douala Bell Smith , world’s first black flight attendant

World's first black flight attendant, Princess Leopoldine Douala Bell Smith of Canton Douala Bell royal family of Douala people of Cameroon (1939-2023) She was the granddaughter of late King Rudolf Douala Manga Bell who was h@nged by Germans for resisting colonial rule She became the world's first black flight attendant when she started in France,... Continue Reading →

Crowned Princess regents of Nigeria || Yoruba Adeles

Have you heard about the tradition of crowning princesses as regents to the throne in Nigeria? Well this is one of the most unique regency royal traditions in the world where daughters are crowned as regents and adopt the male lifestyle of their late father. Meet the Women King regents of Nigeria

Princess Taibat Adeyemi of Oyo, Nigeria

Happy birthday to HRH Princess Taibat Adeyemi of Oyo, Nigeria.She is the 4th child of HM Alaafin (King) Lamidi iii Adeyemi of Oyo, Nigeria and his second wife Queen (Ayaba) Ramat Adeyemi. Princess Taibat Adeyemi and her parents. 📷: Biyi Adeleke photography She served as the former immediate commissioner of commerce in Oyo state government,... Continue Reading →

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