BaPedi Royal Family, BaPedi Kingdom, South Africa

BaPedi have been organized into a Kingdom known as the Bapedi kingdom or Marota empire since 1700s.....

Great wife tradition in Africa

The great wife tradition is a royal marriage tradition practiced by various royal houses in Africa particularly Southern Africa traditional Kingdoms and Chiefdoms. A great wife is a wife married for the king to bear the heir to the throne.

Queen Lombekiso Sigcau and Queen Bhongolwethu Ndamase of Mpondo Kingdoms.

The two swazi sisters Princesses who married amaMpondo princes and became queens.They are both granddaughters of late King Sobhuza ii of Eswatini then Swaziland. Left :Queen Lombekiso Sigcau Right: late Queen Bhongolwethu Ndamase Left: Queen regent Lombekiso MaSobhuza Sigcau of Eastern amaMpondo aseQaukeni kingdom, South Africa. She is the daughter of late Prince Makhungu Dlamini... Continue Reading →

The Omu of Nigeria tradition

Who is an Omu An Omu (awe-mu)/Mother is the highest royal title and position given to a woman as the leader of the women in the Kingdom. It is a over 820 years old tradition among the Anioma subtribe of the Igbo pople of Nigeria whereby there is a dual sex monarchy, King/Obi as monarch... Continue Reading →

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