Erelu Kuti IV Abiola Dosunmu, Queen mother of Lagos, Yeye Oodua of Ife, Nigeria

HRH the Erelu Kuti IV of Lagos, Nigeria,Madam Abiola Dosunmu is the current Queen mother of Lagos and Yeye Oodua ( Queen mother) of Ife kingdoms, Nigeria Born a princess of the Lagos Royal family in 29TH July, 1947 to Omoba Adewunmi Dosunmu And Olori Adejoke Dosunmu. She was  Crowned the Erelu-Kuti iv, the highest... Continue Reading →

Crowned Princess regents of Nigeria || Yoruba Adeles

Have you heard about the tradition of crowning princesses as regents to the throne in Nigeria? Well this is one of the most unique regency royal traditions in the world where daughters are crowned as regents and adopt the male lifestyle of their late father. Meet the Women King regents of Nigeria

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