Royal Ceremonies and Festivals in Africa

Africa is a continent with three Government Monarchies and over 1000 Traditional Monarchies. These monarchies all differ in size, population, area coverage, traditions but uniquely they all have ceremonies and festivals to mark various life stages, celebrations and worship. Here is a incomplete compiled list of royal ceremonies and festivals in Africa (Photo by Deelangza Photography). ....

Kulamba ceremony, Chewa Kingdom, Zambia

Kulamba ceremony is a traditional annual event of the Chewa people which is held every August at Mkaika royal Palace in Zambia. Chewa people are a bantu ethnic group found in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique and collectively form the Chewa Kingdom, a traditional monarchy headed by a King called Gawa Undi. The current king is... Continue Reading →

Umhlangano wa Maseko Ngoni, Malawi

#royalevent HM Inkosi ya Makosi (King) Gomani V Mswati Willard of Maseko Ngoni people of Malawi and wife HRH Inkosikazimkhulu(Queen) Gomani V hosted thousands at thee umhlangano wa maseko event held at Ntcheu, Malawi Maseko Ngoni are descendants of swati people celebrate umhlangano was maseko which is an event of honouring the ancestors. It also... Continue Reading →

Umkhosi Welembe 2021, Zulu kingdom, South Africa

Umkhosi Welembe or Shaka zulu day was marked in Zulu kingdom, South Africa. It was attended by HM King Misuzulu kaZwelithini, his siblings Prince Bambindlovu, Prince Simengaye, Princess Nomkhosi and Princess Bukhosibemvelo among other guests. Photo : Solo Ndlovu Photo : Solo Ndlovu Princess Bukhosibemvelo Zulu Photo : Solo Ndlovu Photo : Solo Ndlovu Photo... Continue Reading →

Umkhosi Womhlanga Zulu reed dance 2021

Zulu reed dance 2021 or Umkhosi Womhlanga 2021 held at eMachobeni royal palace and the second part at eNyokeni Royal Palace KwaNongoma to mark the 37 years since its revival by late King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu of Zulu kingdom, South Africa. Photos : ©@enhlemedia , Zulu land district municipality Photos : ©@enhlemedia , Zulu land... Continue Reading →

Umhlanga reed dance 2021

Umhlanga or reed dance 2021 kicked at Ludzidzini royal residence in the Kingdom Eswatini under strict covid19 regulations. This is to ensure observation of important Eswatini culture whilst adhering to covid19 regulations. The ceremony was commissioned by King Mswati III of Eswatini who commissioned the maidens to cut the reeds led by the princesses. In... Continue Reading →

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