Queen Rosalie Gicanda, Last Queen of Rwanda

Queen Rosalie Gicanda is a heroine of Rwanda. Her humble life story is so intriguing that she is celebrated on 20th April of every year in Rwanda. Photos :Mirindi Lebone Queen Rosalie Gicanda was the Queen consort or Mwamikazi of King (Mwami) Mutara III Rudahigwa of Rwanda who reigned from 1930 to 1959 when he... Continue Reading →

King Kigeli V of Rwanda Funeral 2017

HM late King (Mwami) Kigeli V Ndahindurwa was the last reigning of the Kingdom of Rwanda before its abolition to become a Republic. He reigned from 1959 to 1962 succeeding his late brother King Mutara III Rudahigwa of Rwanda who had died in 1959. King Kigeli was the son of late King Yuhi V Musinga... Continue Reading →

Prince Richard Rutabingwa of Rwanda

HRH Prince Richard Rutabingwa of Rwanda, son of Prince John Rwigemera of Rwanda, descendant of King Yuhi V Musinga of Rwanda. He lives in Belgium and works in the fitness industry. He occassionaly visits his home country and was present among the royal funeral pallbearers of late King Kigeli V of Rwanda © The African... Continue Reading →

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