Princess Gaboilelwe Moroka crowned Kgosi of Barolong boo Seleka, South Africa

Princess Gaboilelwe Moroka of Barolong Boo Seleka, Thaba Nchu, Free State Province, South Africa has been installed as the Kgosi (Chief/ King) of Barolong boo Seleka tribe, South Africa Photos : Real history of Botswana The event which was held on 11th September 2022 marks a break in the common tradition of crowning only men... Continue Reading →

Zulu Royal Palaces

Zulu kingdom is a traditional kingdom of the Zulu people in South Africa particularly in KwaZulu Natal region. Zulu kingdom has 8 official royal palaces (Isigodlo) used by the King, 6 Queens and his family. Most palaces are located at Nongoma with the exception of Ondini palace which is located at Ulundi. They include Osuthu... Continue Reading →

Rain Queens of baLobedu, South Africa

Lobedu or baLobedu is an ethnic community that currently inhabits the Limpopo province in South Africa. They are famously known for their baLobedu kingdom or rather Queendom where the monarch is always a woman. Only female succession is allowed and no males are allowed on the throne. These Queens are said to possess rain making... Continue Reading →

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