Gaza Kingdom and its successor nation of amaShangaan traditional authority, South Africa

Gaza Empire (16th century to 1906) Gaza empire was a precolonial powerful monarchy that covered parts of southern Mozambique, Western Zimbabwe and North West South Africa from the 16th to 19th century The Gaza Kingdom, also known as the Gaza Empire, was ruled by the Gaza dynasty. It was a significant political and military power... Continue Reading →

Zulu Royal Palaces

Zulu kingdom is a traditional kingdom of the Zulu people in South Africa particularly in KwaZulu Natal region. Zulu kingdom has 8 official royal palaces (Isigodlo) used by the King, 6 Queens and his family. Most palaces are located at Nongoma with the exception of Ondini palace which is located at Ulundi. They include Osuthu... Continue Reading →

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