Ndzundza Mabhoko || King (Ingwenyama) Mabhoko III, South Africa

Who are the Ndzundza Mabhoko The Ndzundza Mabhoko (also known as amaNdzundza or Ndzundza Ndebele) are a clan or tribe of the larger Ndebele tribe of South Africa. Historically Manala royal clan that rules ndebele kingdom and Ndzundza were royal brothers, sons of King Musi. At his deathbed, there was a succession dispute that led... Continue Reading →

Prince Klaas Mahlangu and Princess Orah Zulu

Prince Klaas Mahlangu was a prince from the Ndzundza Mabhoko clan of Ndebele Kingdom, South Africa as the son of Prince chief Maphepha Mahlangu. In 1967 he married Princess Orah Nohlanhla Zulu, eldest daughter of late King Cyprian Bhekuzulu of Zulu kingdom, South Africa. He passed away in 2008. He is known for hiding his... Continue Reading →

Ikosi /Chief Sipho Etwell Mahlangu

HRH Ikosi (Chief) Sipho Etwell Mahlangu of Ndundza Mabusa traditional authority of Ndundza mabhoko or Ndzundza Ndebele people of South Africa. He succeded his late father as chief in 2005. He was also chairman of the national house of traditional leaders, South Africa since 2017, a position which had been held by his father before... Continue Reading →

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