Tanzania chiefs and monarchs (Machifu na Wafalme wa Tanzania)

Tanganyika as it was called over 50 years ago had monarchs, kings, sultans and chiefs ruling the many different tribal communities. These royal dynasties and royal families have existed for centuries and held immense power and influence among their people. Remember they were the negotiators who signed treaties with the colonialists as the heads of... Continue Reading →

Mwami Theresa Ntare IV of Heru, Tanzania

Mwami (female King) /Queen Theresa Ntare IV (TERESIA JOSEPH NDALICHAKO) was the monarch of the Heru kingdom of Ha people, Kasulu District, Tanzania . The Ha people were organised into different kingdoms namely: Heru, Manyovu/Nkalinzi, Kunkada, Bushingo, Banyingu, Kunkanda and Muhambwe kingdoms. Born in 1922, she was the eldest child of late Mwami (chief) oseph Ndalichako Rwasa III... Continue Reading →

Tanzanian chiefs install their President Samia Suluhu Hassan as honorary head of chiefs

President Samia Suluhu Hassan of Tanzania was honoured by the traditional royal chiefs and monarchs of Tanzania ethnic groups through her installation as honorary head of chiefs. The president has advocated for importance of culture "utamaduni" and history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viNH3VqJGWI © The African Royal Families. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or... Continue Reading →

Kiziba kingdom royal family, Tanzania

Kiziba kingdom was a precolonial monarchy of the Haya people of Tanzania that existed since 1400s. The Haya people were organized into many kingdoms with different kings, kiziba being one of them. With colonisation and Tanzania independence in 1962, the monarchies and their royal rulers were abolished despite most of them fighting for independence among... Continue Reading →

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