Coronation of King Oyo Rukidi IV of Tooro Kingdom, Uganda 1995

Wishing HM King (Omukama) Oyo Rukidi IV of Tooro Kingdom, Uganda a happy 26th coronation anniversary. Second most famous and influential ugandan King Now 29 years, he was crowned world's youngest King in 1995 when he succeded his late father King (Omukama) Patrick Olimi III Kaboyo. King Oyo Rukidi IV is the son of... Continue Reading →

Buganda Royal Tiaras and Crowns

Buganda kingdom is traditional historic monarchy of the Baganda people, found in present day Uganda. It is ruled by the Kabaka (King) who has a Queen (Nnabagereka) by his side. King's Crowns The Kabaka or King has a range of three crowns which he occasionaly uses depending on the royal occasion at hand. Coronation Crowns... Continue Reading →

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