Lesotho Royal Family

Lesotho royal family is the current reigning family for the kingdom of Lesotho formerly called Basutoland. They are members of the Moshoeshoe dynasty names after the first king who consolidated clans into what today is called Lesotho (Land of BaSotho). The Moshoeshoe dynasty is huge with several members and descendants. Royal Archives Lesotho Wikipedia CommonsRoyal... Continue Reading →

Elegushi Royal family, Nigeria

The Elegushi royal family or dynasty is the reigning family of the Ikate kingdom sometimes called Ikate Elegushi kingdom presently found in Nigeria. It is a traditional kingdom in Lagos state that is recognised by the Nigerian government. Their monarch is called Elegushi which means King with their current being Oba Saheed Elegushi Kunsela iii.... Continue Reading →

African Royal Titles

A Compilation of various royal titles in local languages and address from common english substitutes. Note some may lack direct substitutes and meanings differ in different royal monarchies. Information may also be prone to errors in translation to english. The names may also mean differently from their address eSwatini (Kingdom of eSwatini) King - Ingwenyama... Continue Reading →

Princess Sentelweyinkhosi Dlamini of Eswatini

HRH Princess Sentelweyinkhosi Dlamini of Eswatini celebrates her birthday today Photo : Princess Senty She is the daughter of HM King Mswati iii of Eswatini and HRH Queen late Inkhosikati laMasango. Princess Senty has a younger direct sister HRH Princess Sibusezweni Dlamini. With sister Princess Sakhizwe Photo : tdee productions Photo : Princess Senty With... Continue Reading →

Prince Majaha Dlamini of Eswatini turns 31

HRH Prince Majaha Dlamini of Eswatini celebrates his 31st birthday today. He is the son of HM King Mswati III of Eswatini and HRH 2nd Queen Inkhosikati laMotsa. He has a son with eswatini Gospel artist Hlophe Nothando, and has two other children. His direct younger brothers include Prince Benkhosi, Prince Lusuku and Prince Sinawokhe... Continue Reading →

Eswatini Royal Family

The Kingdom of Eswatini formerly swaziland is a small country in southern Africa region that is considered the only absolute monarchy left in Africa. It is popular with tourists who flock the country every year for the Umhlanga or reed dance festival that showcases a royal culture unseen elsewhere in the world. The monarchy is... Continue Reading →

Zulu Royal Palaces

Zulu kingdom is a traditional kingdom of the Zulu people in South Africa particularly in KwaZulu Natal region. Zulu kingdom has 8 official royal palaces (Isigodlo) used by the King, 6 Queens and his family. Most palaces are located at Nongoma with the exception of Ondini palace which is located at Ulundi. They include Osuthu... Continue Reading →

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