Traditional Kings of Burkina Faso

Traditional Kings of Burkina Faso.... - King of Ouagadougou - Dima of Zougrantenga - Naaba of Boussouma - Naaba of Yatenga - Djamanatigui of Bobo dioulasso

African Royal Titles

A Compilation of various royal titles in local languages and address from common english substitutes. Note some may lack direct substitutes and meanings differ in different royal monarchies. Information may also be prone to errors in translation to english. The names may also mean differently from their address NB. European colonial governments lower ranked our... Continue Reading →

Rwanda Royal Family || Royal Family of Rwanda

The Rwanda royal family is the reigning royal house of the kingdom of Rwanda that existed from 15th century until its abolition in 1961. The royal kings are from the Abanyiginya dynasty. The royal family exists today with various descendants living in Rwanda, East africa and Europe........

Traditional Kings and leaders in Congo.

Traditional kings, chiefs and leaders are the epitome of tribal and cultural leadership and development in many parts of Africa. This includes Democratic Republic of Congo who still have their royal leaders after abolition of their states during colonial period. The government of DRC however recognises these kings and chiefs in their constitution under the... Continue Reading →

Crowned Princess regents of Nigeria || Woman Kings

Have you heard about the tradition of crowning princesses as regents to the throne in Nigeria? Well this is one of the most unique regency royal traditions in the world where daughters are crowned as regents and adopt the male lifestyle of their late father. Meet the Women King regents of Nigeria

Royal Ceremonies and Festivals

Africa is a continent with three Government Monarchies and over 1000 Traditional Monarchies. These monarchies all differ in size, population, area coverage, traditions but uniquely they all have ceremonies and festivals to mark various life stages, celebrations and worship. Here is a incomplete compiled list of royal ceremonies and festivals in Africa (Photo by Deelangza Photography). ....

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