African Kingdoms || African Royal Families

A look at the over 1000 monarchies in Africa...

Royal Ceremonies and Festivals in Africa

Africa is a continent with three Government Monarchies and over 1000 Traditional Monarchies. These monarchies all differ in size, population, area coverage, traditions but uniquely they all have ceremonies and festivals to mark various life stages, celebrations and worship. Here is a incomplete compiled list of royal ceremonies and festivals in Africa (Photo by Deelangza Photography). ....

Ethiopian Royal Tiaras and Crowns

Ethiopia was a monarchy with over 2000 years of royal history until its abolition in 1975 after the derg took over leading to a gruseome end of the monarchy. Crowns and tiaras are seen as symbols of royalty and Ethiopia was no different. It has one of the most uniquely made crowns in the world.... Continue Reading →

Tribes in Kenya

Tribes or ethnicity is a unique identity of ones origin, culture and language. Kenya is a country made up of many ethnic groups around 46, which are recognized under the Kenyan constitution. They include: Bantus Central Highland Bantus Western highland Bantus Coastal Bantus Nilotes Riverlake Nilotes Highland Nilotes Plain Nilotes Nubi Cushites Kenya Asians Kenyan... Continue Reading →

Traditional Kings in Cameroon

Traditional Kings of Cameroon....Cameroon is a country in West Africa with many traditional Kings who are categorized into 3 levels. Some prominent Kings have served in government in various capacities as well as being traditional kings...

The Omu of Nigeria tradition

Who is an Omu An Omu (awe-mu)/Mother is the highest royal title and position given to a woman as the leader of the women in the Kingdom. It is a over 820 years old tradition among the Anioma subtribe of the Igbo pople of Nigeria whereby there is a dual sex monarchy, King/Obi as monarch... Continue Reading →

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