African Royal Weddings

Royal weddings (white and traditional) across the African Continent

Sultan of Bamoun, Cameroon

Bamoun (Bamun) people are an ethnic group currently inhabiting Cameroon. They formerly existed as a monarchical nation called kingdom of Bamun ruled by kings or sultans. Today the monarch of the Bamoun still exist but only as a traditional entity, however thhey hold immense unseen power with their people. His traditional title is Mfon which... Continue Reading →

Bambata /Zombo Kingdom, Angola

Bambata (mbata) or Zombo kingdom is one of the Kingdoms under the larger kingdom of the Kongo. It is today a traditional kingdom located in the country of Angola. The late King of Bambata or Zombo is King Nzolameso Antonio of Bambata (mbata) or Zombo kingdom, Angola. He is a Angolan decorated lieutenant colonel who... Continue Reading →

Tanzania chiefs and monarchs

Tanganyika has it was called over 50 years ago had monarchs, kings, sultans and chiefs ruling the many different tribal communities. These royal dynasties and royal families have existed for centuries and held immense power and influence among their people. Remember they were the negotiators who signed treaties with the colonialists as the heads of... Continue Reading →

Kings and Sultans of Somalia and Somaliland region

Somalia region which includes Somalia and the self independence states of Somaliland and Puntland were divided into various tribal or clan monarchies before colonization. However they still exist today mainly as traditional leaders of their various clans and tribes. This post focuses on currently reigning traditional monarchs in Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland SULTAN OF WARSANGALI... Continue Reading →

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