King of Gonja people of Ghana

Gonja people are an ethnic group that currently inhabits savannah region. The ethnic group is mainy foiund in northern Ghana. They founded gonja kingdom which has existed for centuries and has had many monarchs. Yagbongwura Sumaila Ndewura Jakpa (founder)Yagbongwura Limu.Yagbongwura LanyonYagbongwura Abbas’sYagbongwura Mahama LabayiruYagbongwura KakangaYagbongwura SafuYagbongwura KaliYagbongwura JakpaYagbongwura NyantachiYagbongwura JiauYagbongwura KpirkuYagbongwura KurbangYagbongwura PontoŋproŋYagbongwura LanyonYagbongwura Mahama... Continue Reading →

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