Manikongo of the Kingdom of Kongo, Congo and Angola Territory

Kingdom of Kongo was a royal state founded in 1390 by the kongo speaking people. It stretched from western Congo DRC, Congo Brazzaville, south Gabon and north Angola. Its capital was at Mbanza Kongo which is a UNESCO world heritage site today located in northern Angola after the drawing of colonial boundaries that are used today.

The Kingdom was ruled by a king or ruler called Mwene-Kongo meaning ruler of Kongo but the Portuguese colonialists couldn’t pronounce the name so they corrupted it to Manikongo.

Since 1975 or 1990s, the royal houses each have their own successor and haven’t decided on one. They include

  • Dom Josè Henrique da Silva Meso Mankala since 2000.
  • Yves Nzinga
  • Manuel Alfonso Nzinga

The government of Angola also appointed a royal court custodian of Kongo customs – Afonso Mendes

Queen Dona Isabela de Gama of Kongo

Queen Dona Isabela de Gama of Kongo kingdom, the last reigning monarch as regent of Kongo until 1975. She became regent after her husband Manikongo (Mwene-Kongo) Antonio iii died of a heart attack in 1957. She reigned until 1975 when her regency ended. She died in 1990s.
Currently the kong kingdom seems to have many pretenders from the 4 royal houses.

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Manikongo Dom Antonio III of Kongo

Manikongo (Mwene-Kongo) Dom Antonio II of Kongo kingdom succeded his late father Dom Pedro VII of Kongo after his death in 1955 reigning for only two years until 1957 when he died of an heart attack.
His wife Queen Dona Isabela de Gama therefore became regent from 1957 until 1975. She died in the 1990s.
Here pictured with  their 3 daughters.

Manikongo Dom Pedro VII of Kongo

Manikongo (Mwene-Kongo) Dom  Pedro VII of Kongo kingdom, Congo region and his wife Queen Dona Isabela de Afonso Nzinga.
He reigned from 1923-1955 and was succeeded by his son Manikongo Dom Antonio III.

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