King Kigeli V of Rwanda Funeral 2017

HM late King (Mwami) Kigeli V Ndahindurwa was the last reigning of the Kingdom of Rwanda before its abolition to become a Republic. He reigned from 1959 to 1962 succeeding his late brother King Mutara III Rudahigwa of Rwanda who had died in 1959. King Kigeli was the son of late King Yuhi V Musinga of Rwanda and Queen Mukashema the seventh of his eleven wives.

He left Rwanda in 1961 living subsequently in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and later in the United States of America after being granted political asylum in 1992. He founded the King Kigeli foundation which helped with humanitarian activities for rwandese refugees.

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After 40years King Kigeli vV had expressed to return to Rwanda as a constitutional monarch but it never happened to be since there were no activities to bring back the monarchy by the Rwandan government. Then president Paul Kagame had met with the King and had offered him to come back to Rwanda but as a private citizen. King Kigeli v Ndahindurwa died on 16th October 2016 of an heart ailment at the age of 80. His body was back to Rwanda and a funeral held at the King’s palace or Nyanza royal palace attended by thousands. He was buried in 2017 at the Mwima royal mausoleum beside his brother King Mutara iii Rudahigwa and Queen Rosalie Gicanda of Rwanda.

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King Kigeli v Ndahindurwa of Rwanda never married as tradition barred kings from marrying outside their kingdom. However he has an alleged daughter Jacqueline Rwivanga from a previous relationship.

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