Komjekejeke 2022 42nd King Silamba commemoration, Ndebele Kingdom, South Africa

TM King Makhosoke II Mabhena of Ndebele Kingdom, South Africa and his Queen Sekhothali Seeiso Mabhena hosted AmaNdebele people, other royals and guests at the annual #komjekejeke2022  42nd King Silamba commemoration.

Komjekejeke festival or King Silamba annual commemoration is the largest royal event among the Ndebele people of Ndebele Kingdom, South Africa held annually in the first week of March. It involves remembrance of King Silamba of Ndebele, honouring the life and deeds of ancestral kings who ruled the Ndebele Nation, as well as showcasing ndebele culture and dances. It is hosted at Komjekejeke heritage site by King Makhosoke II of Ndebele, attended by various royals in South Africa. A place declared a heritage site in 1998 by the National Heritage Council of South Africa. In the 1960s, the Group Areas Act evicted people from KoMjekejeke until 1979 when the last group of settlers were removed. Due to the separate development policy based on apartheid practice, KoMjekejeke was declared a white man’s area and black people were prohibited to buy property in this area. The King Silamba Trust was established in 1985 with a sole purpose of buying this area and developing it for cultural benefits for AmaNdebele.Various royals from Mpondo Kingdom, Lesotho kingdom etc attended

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